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HELP! is there any article etc/
Jendel89 posted:
Is there anything i can possibly send my husband to let him know from a medical point of view that im not super woman, and i am in fact pregnant and certin things should just not be expected from me as if im not pregnant.

Im sick of hearing that im being lazy, or slow, or compared to someone who is NOT pregnant an he expects me to be like them.
KLS0228 responded:
What he needs is a slap in teh face! LOL!!! I have the same problem iwth my DH! Make him go to an appointment iwth you and have yoru Dr explain to him how its important to take it easy!!! I did that with DH and now he is a 'little" better. but I am making him go with me tomorrow to my doc app so she can give him another WAKE UP call!!!!
DD 9/25/08 (5 weeks early and 6lbs 12oz!), DS due 9/24/10 but will be here no later than 9/17/10 via C-Section!
Jendel89 replied to KLS0228's response:
Tell me about it, he needs one on each side lol!

well ive tried that and it didnt help much, nothing seems to help, i looked up some info and sent it to him and he acted as if i didnt send anything by responding about dinner etc..
Jendel89 replied to Jendel89's response:
As he likes to say " The world dosent revolve around you and your pregnancy"

Blah blah !
roni090909 replied to Jendel89's response:
Man I feel for you. I would go on strike! It sounds like he needs to learn to appreciate you ALOT more.
Me (30) DH (37) DS (10/20/08) and New Baby Girl EDD 11/11/10
Isylya responded:
I got a REALLY big brick you can barrow? If you put a little padding around it and put it in a pillow case, it won't leave marks...
HAILEYNICOLE2007 replied to roni090909's response:
I agree, on strike or out of the house, out of the bed for sure!
1stbabyoct responded:
I agree with pp. Taking him to the appointment might not help unless you clue the nurse or dr in ahead of time so that they know how bad you need them to stick up for you.

Also you could make a list of all you do for the household and the other kiddos and all he does, im sure your list is going to be much longer. Then you can post it up and if he says you are lazy, you can refer him to the list, but say nothing else. Another complaint-repeat, etc. Eventually he should get tired of your one way response and let it go. If not just ignore it and do what you can. What doesn't get done, just doesn't get done. Especially his laundry, his fav foods, his dishes, etc.

Good luck!!
Counting the days til October!!
Sweetpea0916 responded:
Poke him in the eye with a yellow crayon and tell him to get over himself. J/K!!

That has to be hard for you, and I am sorry that he is putting you through this. You might want to bring to his attention that he is verbally abusing his pregnant wife. Calling names is not acceptable. Even if he does have the compassion of a rock, he needs to ease up on you. And regardless of if you were pregnant or not, I'd tell him to stick thos comparisons where the sun doesn't shine because you are not them.

I hope you can find a way to get him to step off. ((((Hugs))))
SunConure responded:
That sucks he's treating you like that!! No were not dying, but it is a lot of work to grow and carry these babies, it takes a lot out of you! My bf knows better then to say stuff like that to me or I'll kick his a**, LOL!! He has been pretty good this pregnancy, expecially when the bags under my eyes get black...then he can really tell I'm tired!!! I would start really being lazy on purpose just to push his buttons!!
Terra(24)Jeff(25), BFP 01/06 Rylee Lynn is due 09/13 our first! Induction at 39 weeks, only 4 weeks to go :)
lestersgirls responded:
My DH is the same way! It's infuriating! The other day he said "I don't understand what is going on with you?"
And I answered "You mean, besides the fact that there is another HUMAN BEING inside my body?!!"
I don't think anything I say would make him understand. Sorry, hon, I'm there with you.
Steffanie (37),Lester (30), DD1 (8-14-03), DD2 (4-12-05), Angel Baby @6 weeks (6-17-08), Baby Boy Kellan Lester Due 10-12-10!
jessicab0414 responded:
My man started out like this, especially my first trimester. Now that he can physically see I'm short of breath and swelled up like the Good Year Blimp, he is getting better. Every now and then he gets frustrated, mostly because I sleep all day while he works. When I remind him I work third shift to make extra on my pay and have every right to sleep as any human being does, he tends to shut up rather quickly. The list thing works, too, really. I just burst into tears one day and went slap off about how I jump out of bed and shower, make the bed, do any dishes that HE left overnight, do up some laundry, spend some time with the kids, then clean out his cooler and pack his lunch for the next day all before I cook dinner and do those dishes before I go to work. That little rant seemd to help, especially when I told him if he didn't like it, he could find some non pregnant female to do all that crap for him and good luck finding one. They just have to see that you are really hurt by their stupid macho comments sometimes. This dear, is why the ladies have the babies. Men couldn't make it thru 3 days of morning sickness without wanting a maid.
mommy_a responded:
:( I'm really sorry your DH is being an insensitive creep :(

Maybe you can go through weeks of your pregnancy book with him and show him how big the person INSIDE you is.

I hope he starts behaving soon or he will have a bevy of webmd girls descending on him ;)

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