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Anyone else's baby "Ridin' So-Low"?
KP1985 posted:
I have never felt this much pressure without actually being in labor. I feel like I can barely walk... My OB wanted to check me Monday because she said the head was sooooo low, but I put it off until next week. Now I'm getting curious.

Anyone else feeling like this? If so, have you been checked already, and what were you dilated/effaced?
Me (25), DH (25), m/c 2007, DS (2), DD (1), 34 wks along. :)
So blessed.
tamliz08 responded:
Yes, my little babe is super low too. He has been for a couple weeks now. Last week I was not progressed AT ALL. Zero dilation and still thick. I thought that was strange.

Have you been having any contractions?
DD - 11/19/08 - DS - EDD 9/1/10
FloralMom responded:
My LO is very low too! My cousin swears that I've dropped already and I'm only 31 weeks! She said my belly was a lot higher a month ago... and I have definately had some pressure and some tenderness because he feels low to me too... and not to mention the super frequent trips to the bathroom only to get a little trickle of pee, feel baby move and then have instant relief!
Amy (29) DH (30) - m/c in 12/05 ^Friday^, DS1 11/06, DS2 - ^Jeremiah^
mtlmayhem responded:
oh yeah right here...!! lol

TMI Everytime I get up I feel like inside's gonna fall out... or Im gonna be passing some mad gas ... and at my 36 week appt yesterday, the doc confirmed that the baby's head is engaged in my pelvis and Im just starting to dialate- was between 1-2 but still pretty thick.

But I did get the go ahead that if anything should occur, I can officially head to L&D not emerg! Woohoo!
KP1985 responded:
I'm not alone! :) Sorry ladies...

I want to see if anything is happening; but I'll have to wait until Monday. I'll be surprised if I'm not dilated at all, but who knows?! My kids came at 36 weeks and 37 weeks, but this one may be a 42 weeker. Man, I hope not. :)

I've had plenty of contractions, and I think I've been gradually losing my mucus plug this week... so, things are happening! Whohoo!
Me (25), DH (25), m/c 2007, DS (2), DD (1), 34 wks along. :) So blessed.
tamliz08 replied to KP1985's response:
Oh if you are having contractions then surely you must be making some sort of progress! I hadn't had any when I was checked at 38 weeks, so that's why I was still a zero. Now I've been having some contractions and I'm a FOUR! Yay.

But yeah, my DD came at 38 weeks so I figured this one would be the same. Apparently this kid is pretty content where he's at though!
DD - 11/19/08 - DS - EDD 9/1/10
roni090909 responded:
Mine is super low too. I am only 28 weeks and have been checked. I am still closed up tight but my doctor could feel the LO's head right on my cervix.
Me (30) DH (37) DS (10/20/08) and New Baby Girl EDD 11/11/10
roni090909 replied to tamliz08's response:
I can't believe its so close for you!!!! I can't wait to see pics of the little man. I hope he decides to make his appearance soon.
Me (30) DH (37) DS (10/20/08) and New Baby Girl EDD 11/11/10
SunConure replied to roni090909's response:
I think it's funny! My LO is still super high and I am already 2cm and 80% effaced, but I have been having some pretty hard contractions so that's probably why. Sucks though the contractions are not moving baby down, were having an ultrasound Tuesday to check her weight and head size since at 34 weeks she was on the bigger side, her little head was measuring 37 weeks so I guess that's not so little!
Terra(24)Jeff(25), BFP 01/06 Rylee Lynn is due 09/13 our first!
terricody responded:
I have weekly checks since 28weeks and as of yesterday im still 2cm and 50% efface and baby head is in posistionim 35 weeks on friday
Terri- expecting a baby girl..taking progesterone shots,dx with GD and on metformin 2,000 mg aday,on bedrest
KLS0228 responded:
I hear ya and feel your pain!!!! My whowho is so freaking sore!!! My doctor told me that DS was sitting right there and she could feel his head! But sadly, I wasn't any more dialated than I was before and that was only a "Fingertip" which is pretty much nothing. **Sigh** But hopefully next week I will make some kind of progress! :) Regardless I will have a C-section on Sept 17th, but it would be nice to make a little progress! LOL!! I just think this little guy is going to be stubborn like his dad! :)
DD 9/25/08 (5 weeks early and 6lbs 12oz!), DS due 9/24/10 but will be here no later than 9/17/10 via C-Section!
mommy_a responded:
I am super low (at 36 weeks) .. and I second all the emotions..

- feeling like he's going to fall out when I walk .. lol
- going to pee every half an hour when I KNOW there's nothing in there. I JUST peed for God's sake
- feeling so much pressure
RJsMama responded:
LOL!!! Love this heading! Too cute! But, YES!!! OMG, this baby is already down, way down and I'm 36 weekd tomrrow! You know how people get their LO's feet stuck in their ribs? I asked the Dr. at my app. yesterday if he could get stuck in my hip bone area, he said he sure could. I know he is too, I've been feeling him in my right hip for a week and it HURTS!!!!
Me-30, DH-31, DS-5, DS2-EDD 10/01/10
ReneeErin replied to RJsMama's response:
Sounds familiar. Mine's been low the whole time. She's so low that (TMI) I can actually feel the head if I touch the side of the interior vaginal wall. It's below the level of the cervix, which seems odd.... I'm dilated 2 cm and 85% effaced as of a week ago, lost the mucus plug over a week ago, but no sign of baby yet. =(
1st baby finally on the way after 11 failed cycles! Due September 12th. It's a GIRL!!!!

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