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Babies born at 34-36 weeks
KP1985 posted:
Do any of you know how babies born at 34-36 weeks usually do? I know their survival rate is great, but how long would he/she usually have to be in the hospital, on oxygen, etc?

I feel like this baby is probably coming in the next couple of weeks, judging from the symptoms from my other two. I'm so anxious for Monday to see if I'm dilated or effaced...
Me (25), DH (25), m/c 2007, DS (2), DD (1), 34 wks along. :)
So blessed.
sarah0323 responded:
My DS1 came at 35 weeks. He was perfect. They kept him in the nursery for a little while to monitor him. He got to go home with me when I was discharged. He was 5lbs 6oz. He was a little jaundice though.
Isylya responded:
I stop taking my terbutaline tomorrow. I will be 35 weeks exactly.
My Dr's (all 7 OB's) agree that it's a good time. And that the baby should be just fine if I go into labor within the week. So I'm assuming that this is fine.

I had my DD at exactly 37 wks (as in, the end of 36 wks) and she was a bit jaundice but everything else was perfect.
roni090909 responded:
It really just depends on the baby. Some of them born that early do just fine and some need NICU for a bit. DS was born 40 weeks on his EDD and still needed NICU for about 5 hours. Its just one of those things that you have to wait and see about.
Me (30) DH (37) DS (10/20/08) and New Baby Girl EDD 11/11/10
roni090909 replied to roni090909's response:
And DS was Jaundice. We had to get his little foot pricked everyday for a week after he came home.
Me (30) DH (37) DS (10/20/08) and New Baby Girl EDD 11/11/10
KLS0228 responded:
My daughter was born at 35 weeks 2days and we were really lucky!! SHe was perfectly healthy and weighed 6lbs 12oz and was 19 inches long!!!! Lungs were developed and she stayed with me the entire time at the hospital! Some babies will be in the NICU though, and its doesn't matter what their gestation is. I had a friend that had a boy at 39weeks and he was in the NICU. So it just depends on how the baby is developing really.
DD 9/25/08 (5 weeks early and 6lbs 12oz!), DS due 9/24/10 but will be here no later than 9/17/10 via C-Section!
KP1985 responded:
Thanks, all those responses are really reassuring.
Me (25), DH (25), m/c 2007, DS (2), DD (1), 34 wks along. :) So blessed.
phoenix31674 responded:
I was born at 34 weeks back in 1974 at 4lb 7oz. Since I had jaundice, I spent about a week in the hospital under the UV lights before I could go home, but was sent home after about a week since I could breath and eat on my own.

I was in the top 10 of my HS class of about 400, graduated with honors from the Naval academy BS in Naval architecture and went on to get an MS in applied physics. Health wise - never had a major problem and at 5'7" am taller than average. i do have a minor spinal defect where one of my lower vertebra is thinned on one side, but as long as I didn't want to be a jet pilot, it hasn't been an issue. i have no back problems and am on my second pregnancy.
An_216706 responded:
I am 34 weeks and 1 day today. My OB said that once I turn 34 weeks theres no turning back...that he would let me deliver if I started to go into labor. And I will be delivering at a smaller hospital with NO NICU or neonatologist. So I would say that most babies born at 34 weeks are just fine.

I on the other hand was born between 33 and 34 weeks in 1987 at the same hospital that I will be delivering at and my mom didn't even get to see me...I was rushed to a larger hospital with a NICU for Hyaline Membrane Disease (now known as Infant Respiratory Distress Syndrome). I'm not sure how long I stayed there, maybe a week or two. But now-a-days with medical advancements babies that early do not require as much medical intervention.

But like PP said, it all depends upon the baby, you can deliver on your due date and the baby may still need some type of medical treatment.

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