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Shauntrell posted:
Okay I just came from my appointment and my OB seemed unconcerned and said a lot of stuff that scared me. First of all, I have GD and they suppose to be keeping an eye on her weight but haven't checked in over 5 weeks. I made him today and she is weighing 6 lbs which he says is normal for 36 weeks 3 days. Also he changed my due date from the 20th to the 25th of September. Then he told me that if my baby gets tooo big they don't do c-sections and will have to break her arm and collarbone if it is difficult for her to get out of the birth canal. Have anyone heard of this? Is it tooo late to find another OB? What should I do? I am scared for me and my baby. Please comment. Thanks......
belle9164 responded:
I have never heard of this before. And it seems really odd that they wouldn't do a c-section. Especially now days that it is so common. Where do you live?
KP1985 responded:
That does sound really strange. However, if your baby is 6 pounds now, it's probably not going to be too big to deliver without hurting it. Just the fact that an OB would say that though... it gives me the heebie jeebies.
Me (25), DH (25), m/c 2007, DS (2), DD (1), 34 wks along. :) So blessed.
hopeks27 responded:
Break her arm!!! Her collarbone!!!! That sounds crazy to me!! I thought a c-section was what they did if the baby was to big? I hope someone can give you good advice that I can not since I have never been in your shoes but I would at least talk to another Dr. if yours does not calm your fears soon and explain this all to you!!!
GL keep us posted!
Jendel89 responded:
OMG WTF!!!!!! Break her arm or collarbone !!!

Oh NO! i would complain on that comment are you freaking serious! thats uncalled for..

Your OB must have been having a bad day or something i can not believe that.

I would be scared too if they are thinking of breaking any of my babies bones whatsoever.

I changed OB's pretty late during my 1st pregnancy because the OB i was currently seeing at the time my first time around just was not a good fit for me, first she would not give me any meds that i needed she just preferred me to throw everything up and continue to loose weight, then her nurses were completly rude and would not care if they didnt know what they were doing when it came to needles entering my body.

So i complained and found another OB, when i switched to my current OB she asked me why i changed OB's so late during pregnancy and i told her and she was like Oh no, im sorry you had to go through that and she preformed another exam on me so she knew what i felt like down there and to get to know my profile a little better, i love her to death she is great!..

Thats strange that they wouldent do a C section if they predict a big baby.. most of the times they do unless the risk is way to high for a healthy outcome.

Is there any other doctor at the practice you could see for consultation?
Raiden Li born 07/30 ~little Yuri Nikol will arrive 11/09 via c-section.
eliguns841984 responded:
that's scary and weird...honestly, since you're so far along I would continue with the same doc, but make it a point to to go a hospital where this doc does NOT practice for your delivery! Any doc can deliver your baby, so just go to a hospital where your doc is not affiliated.
lestersgirls responded:
This is my third diabetic pregnancy and I have never heard of them breaking any bones!! That would scare me too!
Steffanie (37),Lester (30), DD1 (8-14-03), DD2 (4-12-05), Angel Baby @6 weeks (6-17-08), Baby Boy Kellan Lester Due 10-12-10!
Jacque72903 responded:
#1, yes I have heard of this before, it is usually the collar bone. I have never heard of them doing it on purpose, I would think they would do all they could to avoid it. But I have heard of it happening, it actually happened to a friend of mine about 6 or7 months ago. It heals, but isn't fun.

#2, are there other docs in the practice or is it just yours, you could ask for a 2nd opinion. Or ask that you be induced at 38 weeks if the baby isn't here yet.

Bottom line YOU are in control of what happens to you and your body and your baby. If you are unhappy with the doc you have now, then call around and see what you can do to find another one. You can have all of your files transfered or pick them up yourself. I would think it could be risky to move docs at such a late date with your health concerns, but bottom line, would rather stay with a doc you don't trust or try to find one that you know will do what is best for you and your baby. I am a big believer in Natural Birth if at all possible, but for a doc to say a C-Section isn't even an option is kinda out there. I mean, what if there is an emergency?! HELLO! If it were me I would call around and see what you can do, if you are working off of insurance you will have to check with them too. GL and Hugs!
mtlmayhem responded:
Let me preface this with: I am not a MD.... Ok I seriously hoped I read your post wrong, but in doing a little looking (and though I dont take this info for an absolute truth) I found that:

"There are congenital causes (osteogenesis imperfecta) as well as doctor caused why babies can be born with broken bones. Most babies born with broken bones are caused by doctors and their insistence on women laying flat on their back to deliver. The baby gets stuck and they break one or more bones to get the baby out. The frequency of this occurrence would be FAR LESS if women were allowed to move around, thus giving the baby more room to move out from behind a bone or other bad position. Birthing chairs, moving to hand/knee position, even just to the side can eliminate the problem with a stuck baby." But I (the non-md) would ASSUME that is if only the baby is STUCK and you're two fargone to have a C-SECTION... I dont think its too late to find another OB...If ya lived up here, Id get you into our office, they wont refuse a pg lady!
Andrea (33) Peter (33) Donovan (2) and a surprise but most welcome DS2 on the way!! EDD Sept 21 2010 Three furbabies: Coco Tiggi
mommy_a responded:
WHAT THE ???????

I would be on the phone finding another OB right now.

6 pounds is absolutely ok for 36 weeks.
Shauntrell responded:
I have been calling all around. I stay in Dallas Texas and I am terrified. Alot of doctor's are saying I am too far along and others are saying that my deductible is too high and I should have been paid it down by now, but this is the reason why I got medicaid and not all OB/GYN's are taking medicaid. This really sucks and I hope that this doesn't happen. I have never ever heard of suck BS. I really don't know what to think, but I am not going to stop trying to find another OB/GYN. And by the way he said they don't do inductions either. WTF did I go to this clinic, O I know why because the except Medicaid. It's getting late now I have to wait until tomorrow. Can't believe this is happening this is my first and last baby. I can't deal with the thought of someone espically a trained doctor hurting my baby because they don't do c-section, which is common. Please pray for me..... Thanks
SunConure responded:
Find a new OB, it's not to late especially with the way this one is acting!! My older sister had GD and every week she went in for fluid checks and NST's and an ultrasound to see how baby was doing, not mention the fact they checked her weight each time and all her blood sugar numbers that she had to write down. Your OB is nuts to break a baby's bone on purpose if they could have just done a c-section. Here is the problem if the baby gets stuck in the birth canal, depending on how hard it is to get her out she could be deprived of oxygen for to long and that can cause all kinds of issues!!! My OB was thinking about inducing me or doing a c-section because I have been measuring big since 28 weeks, but at my ultrasound today baby was only about 7 pounds 5 oz which is perfect since I am 38 weeks and 1 day. I would find a new OB asap, your life and your baby's is not worth the risk! If you call another office make sure you tell them all the details and I'm sure they would have no problem taking over your care!!!
Terra(24)Jeff(25), BFP 01/06 Rylee Lynn is due 09/13 our first!
jrap1978 replied to Shauntrell's response:
lurking...I would call medicaid...and tell them what's been happening.They might help you find someone else. Im in CT and alot of docs take it,but I would've never known that if I didn't have help from medicaid. Im seeing a better doc this time around AND I get to go to Yale New Haven hospital,which is better by far than where I delivered my DS.I think your doc is really off his rocker by telling you what he did.
babyhopes31 responded:
heyy Shauntrell, any luck finding a new OB?
Shauntrell replied to babyhopes31's response:
No I have not found an new OB/GYN. See I have medicaid as a secondary insurance and most docs are not taking medicaid. The only reason I got medcaid to help with my dedicutible I have to pay before I delivery. So I go to the doctor on tuesday and my DF is going to let him know that it's not an option for his to break anything on his daughter. I have to wait and see what happens. I am just going to pray that I have a normal delivery.

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