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Feeling Light headed and dizzy
Grace22282 posted:
Ok, so yesterday I started feeling really dizzy. Almost like a hung over feeling. I haven't done anything different than what I've been doing my entire pregnancy. Today I'm a little better but having problems concentrating, light headed, exhausted (this is everyday), and still some what dizzy. I'm scheduled for my OB appointment tomorrow, but I'm just wondering if I should go ahead and make a call today or what? I was in bed and OUT at 8 last night and slept all night long. I still feel like I could probably sleep for another day or so. I guess it just scares me feeling dizzy and driving to and from work....any suggestions????
eden51671 responded:
Any chance youre dehydrated. it doesnt take much when youre pregnant to become symptomatic. I would drink a bunch of water if i were you.
Grace22282 replied to eden51671's response:
I drink water constantly. Usually at work I have a 20oz cup of water in my hand all day long. I don't think that's it, but I'll give it a try. I guess I'm afraid to drink too much more water because I'm in the bathroom so much already! LOL... I'm hoping it's not my iron levels.
Jacque72903 responded:
I think mild dizziness here and there is normal, I get it sometimes. If it is so severe you are scared to drive I would call though.
eliguns841984 responded:
definitely talk to the doc about it, because it could also be a sign of high blood pressure. Be sure you're getting plenty of fluids in the meantime.
Grace22282 responded:
Ok, I called the Dr. They said it could be either low blood pressure or low blood sugar. Drink plenty of liquids and eat several times a day. I guess I'll just have to deal with it until I actually go in tomorrow.
Jacque72903 replied to Grace22282's response:
I am a little surprised that they didn't want to see you, but at least you don't have to wait too long. Tomorrow is better than next week!

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