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Anyone else getting extremely moody in the last month?
mommaD85 posted:
I will be 37 weeks tomorrow and all week I feel like I have been a bear and I don't really know why. Anyone feeling the same way this time or with a previous pregnancy?
Mena75 responded:
OMGosh yes! It feels like my first trimester. Extremely moody, tired, and craving anything and everything again. I'm just 30 weeks. Whew, I hope DH and the boys can take my moodiness for another 10weeks.
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Jendel89 replied to Mena75's response:
I have been extremely tired like i cant get enough sleep, and feel like my body is so tired and drainned.

I have been getting really moody too, DH has got better at avoiding certin things that he knows just tick me off asap, so ive been kind of mellow lately.

My feet ache , i need a nice pedi so they can massage my legs, feet i love that part! it sounds prefect right now because on a normal basis when im not pregnant im extremely tickleish and will not hold still when they are rubbing the lotion on me lol..

I have 7 weeks or 52 days left until its all over.
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Jacque72903 responded:
Me! I am 32 weeks and I have been horribly moody and emotional for a week or so now. I feel like even small things set me off. I have tried really hard to keep it in so I don't blow up on people, but sometimes I dont' do so well.
I am attributing it to being so tired and uncomfortable. Just keep trying to tell my self that it will all be better soon.
raedlewis responded:
Yep. I have been so emotional the last couple of weeks. I am only 31 weeks, but I've noticed. I am usually really laid back and lately things set me off so quick. I notice it's much worse when I haven't had much sleep, but even with a lot of sleep I am still a roller coaster. Feels like my first trimester hormones all over again.

Always nice to know I'm not alone! Hang in there gals!!
ingramsept responded:
yes, i am all over the map. One minute I am fine then I am crying, then I am blowing up at someone. Thank goodness they all love me.
September 33, Ryan 35 and Max edd 10/2
1stbabyoct responded:
I was 37 wks on Sunday and last week the crying started. Just about anything can set it off: baby movement, birth class, traffic, plus apparently(according to DH) my tone of voice is not pleasant when I talk to him. Fun, fun...

We will get through it.....right???? !!!!!
Counting the days til October!!

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