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    QOTD 10/06
    FloralMom posted:
    Question of the day:

    Have you gotten a flu shot yet this year? Do you intend to get one? Why or why not?
    Amy (29) DH (30) - m/c in 12/05 ^Friday^, DS1 11/06, DS2 - ^Jeremiah^
    IsabellaMommy22706 responded:
    Yes I got one at my 36 week appt. Where the baby cant get one, my daughter has asthma and I have always gotten it in the past and my OB suggesting it, I did. I did hurt the arm like heck for 3 days after.
    Chocolatemoca responded:
    I haven't gotten the shot yet, but I did just sign us (DH and I)both up with his work to get the shot on Nov. 2
    Anne(34) DH(33) Our first due 12/05/10 It's a girl.
    sarah0323 responded:
    The kids and I will be getting mind on Oct. 19th. This when they are available in our area. I work with the public and people really don't know to stay home when they are sick. I and my kids have Asthma so it is important for us to get one anyway. With the LO coming during flu season it is even more important to get one this year.

    Side Note: My MIL had H1N1 last year and got really sick from it. She was in intesive care for 3 weeks. She is still dealing with complications from it. A sore arm is better than a hospital stay. And for those who don't like shots you maybe able to get the nasal mist.
    CJ7860 responded:
    Definitely. Being diabetic, it's a must. Being preggo, it's a must. And the fact the baby won't be able to get one this season makes it a must.

    My daughter and husband will spent the extra 30-40.00 a piece to get the mist. Wimps. ;)
    Melissa (32) dh (34) dd (5) Due Dec 4th with a little boy!
    teachin2011 responded:
    I will! I went to get it a while ago (my dr. recommended it for DF and me since LO can't get it til she's at least 6 mos. old) but I had gotten the Rhogam shot a few weeks before so the pharmacist felt like I should wait a while. I suppose I should get it soon!
    Nicole (24), DF (26), 2 furbabies Oliver and Gohan, and a little girl, Amelia Jane, due 11-10-10!
    GermaphobeTeacher responded:
    I got mine at my last appointment. It definitely seems worth it to me since also helps protect the baby, and she will be born in the middle of flu season. Now I just have to find a place for hubby to get the mist.
    BelleMorte08 responded:
    I am definately getting one this year. I have in the past because I have always worked in either food or retail since I was 15. This year seems especially important becuse LO will be here in the next 5 weeks, and I don't want him getting sick, especially with the whole H1N1 stuff. That makes me a little nervous. DH is getting one through work (again, retail), my mom is getting one through work (hospital) and just about anyone else that will be close to this baby will have one because most of them work with people and as PPs said people in general don't know to stay home when they're sick.
    Me(20), Seth(28), 3 feline furbabies: Brownie, Snickers, and Hershey,3 babies in heaven. Baby boy, Jonathan Abel, is due 11/10/10. :-)
    jmarsh81 responded:
    I have never gotten the flu shot, and won't this year. We have alot of auto immune disorders in our family. My mom and cousin got Gillium-Barre from a vaccine, and my grandfather died from this same disease after having the flu shot. Our pediatrition doesn't recommend any vaccines for my kids because it is too dangerous for us. We just put it in the Lords hands that he will keep us healthy.
    1stbabyoct responded:
    I will get one after the baby comes, usually I don't but with a new LO I think I will.......
    Counting the days til October!!
    emilyedoyle responded:
    I got mine yesterday Doc. thought it was a good idea... so I got it done while I was at my checkup
    Jacque72903 responded:
    I will get mine before I leave the hospital when I have dd. Thats what I did with ds. And ds will get his when I take him and dd in for their appt soon there after. DH is on his own, but he will be getting one whether he likes it or not. We wait till a little later, closer to dec to get them because that is what our dr's recommend. They say that the season doesn't really start until then and that it is most effective for the first few months after you get it and you want that to be around Jan and Feb.
    Me (30) DH (39) DS (2, 3 NOV 8th) Jessica Lynn EDD 11/12/2010, 2 fur babies Lacy and Carley (both chocolate labs)
    breezy_83255 replied to Jacque72903's response:
    I got the flu in October last year- it was the first round of it. I had it before the vaccine (H1N1) was available in my area.

    jmarsh81- other than just the general safety of my own children, families like yours are why I make sure I stay vaccinated. I would feel HORRIBLE if I spread something preventable to someone that didn't really have the choice. We had a girl here that was unable to get vaccinated due to her cancer treatments. Her parents really pushed everyone else getting their children vaccinated so that she would be protected. As long a my children and I are able to be vaccinated we will, so that you and your children can have peace of mind :smile:
    jmarsh81 replied to breezy_83255's response:
    Thank you breezy_83255. We have a time with most ppl when they find out we do not vaccinate. Most ppl don't understand where we are coming from when we say that. I just try to let others know that this can happen. Especially when something like Gillium-Barre runs in your family you never know who it is going to hit. My mom has dealt with it for 20 yrs and still has trouble. Luckily my cousin, although on life support for several months from it, has never had any more issues. I guess it comes down to the lovely play of genetics, lol.

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