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Is Sudafed Safe?
cgbrown1 posted:
I came down with an HORRIBLE sinus so bad I couldn't sleep and was dry heaving mucus. My doc.'s list of "ok" meds include Sudafed and Benadryl, so I started taking them. After searching the web, however, I am finding some really conflicting and scarry news about the use of Sudafed or Pseudophedrine HCL. Now I'm freaking out thinking I may have exposed my baby to something and maybe should have just dealt with the congestion and nastiness.

Can anyone clear the air on the safety of Sudafed use?
BelleMorte08 responded:
It sounds like you have what I had about two weeks ago. I went in to my dr's office and he said sudafed was fine. Its only problematic if you're still in your first tri. Just because I was paranoid, I also asked the pharmasist at the walgreens around the corner, and he said the same thing. It is only a problem in the first 13-15 weeks, after that you're safe.

I only had to take two doses, and felt better the next evening. So, if its the same thing I had, its pretty close to being done.
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Lainey_WebMD_Staff responded:
When I get a sinus infection I cut out all dairy which helps me a lot. I have to stop all dairy for a few days.You can get calcium eating other non-dairy foods. If you are concerned call your doctor and see if he has something else he would recommend. It seems like everyone is getting sick. I hope you feel better soon.
redmom23 responded:
It's been 2 weeks for me and I'm still fighting it. Grrrr. My OB said take Sudafed, the risk is in early pregnancy and I've consulted him so I'm good to go. My problem is everytime I take it my stomach hurts. Doesn't matter if I take it with food or without.

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