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Birth Story
eden51671 posted:
Im late writing this...but Ive been very busy. : )

Sunday (9-26) in the morning I was feeling terrible. And I wasnt feel her move. Since I am in "the OB business" I know this usually doesnt mean much, but I also know what it can mean. I always advise my patients doent ever out yourself in a position that you might look back and regret something. So about 10am I called up my friend that was on call and went in on in to Labor and Delivery. Fortunatly she was already up there seeing another patient. They put me on the monitor and you could certainly hear her move, just couldnt feel her. She looked great on the monitor though. WHEW! That was a relief. So i will be able to wait until Friday for m scheduled CSection,,,,,or NOT. She decided to bring in the ultrasound (which is what I do) to make me feel better. There was NO fluid. Thats why I couldnt feel her move. So she called my other friend that was going to deliver me and he said..."thats it, time to have a baby" This was all complicated by my need for 2 units of blood before the surgery.

Sooooo about 7pm all the drs in the practice show up in my room to get busy. (I have worked for them for 10 was some sort of spectacle)

Here is the scary part....
at 8:36pm Caroline Elizabeth was born weighing in at 7lb 11oz, 19" long. She was screaming her head off, there was elation in the room. we were all so excited. Then silence...these Drs have been my family for 10 years, I know when they are worried. Sure enough, they had already called for respritory team and neonatologist to be there on standby. They had already swept my husband away and they came to tell me she was having a hard time breathing and they were taking her to the NICU. So a couple of days later, we found out she inhaled some fluid but she was better and got to move out to my room. I didnt get to see her until midmorning the day after she was born. It was horrible. But thank GOD she is perfectly perfect now.

She is perfect and has TONS of black hair. She looks just like her daddy. She is also a little piglet!

Good luck to you ladies.

BTW...does anyone know if there is a newborn board? I cant find it.
teachin2011 responded:
Congratulations! I think this pregnancy is making me a bit emotional...I teared up reading the scary part! I always put myself in others' situations, especially with birth stories. Thank God she's okay, and it's so great that you work with such an awesome team. Take care!!
Nicole (24), DF (26), 2 furbabies Oliver and Gohan, and a little girl, Amelia Jane, due 11-10-10!
Chocolatemoca responded:
Congrats, glad everything worked out.
Anne(34) DH(33) Our first due 12/05/10 It's a girl.
sarah0323 responded:

How is big brother doing?
eden51671 replied to sarah0323's response:
Josh is doing great with her! I think he thinks she a little boring but he is real sweet to her. Hopefully they will get along well.
diamond7sparkles responded:
Congrats! I'm glad she's alright now!
Crystal (22) Caedance almost 2!, angel baby 11.09, Madison EDD 10.25.10
jmarsh81 responded:
Congrats on your baby girl. I am so glad she is doing better. I understand how it feels when you can't see or hold your LO right away.
Mena75 responded:
Glad to hear she is doing great now. Congrats!!
~Malina (35) Dh (38) two DS's 13 and 5 ~~~ Pink team!!! Isabella Kahlan-Lee EDD 11/23/10~
phoenix31674 responded:
Thank goodness you went to the hospital and that everything turned out fine. DD aspirated fluid and had 2 chest xrays her first 4 days and has turned out just fine.

i don't think there is a newborn board for whatever reason. Seems the newborn stuff is just in the First year or breastfeeding community.
MsMollyMac responded:
Congratulations! I'm glad everything turned out ok.
Me- 26, DH-30, DD-3, New little one due 1-3-11

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