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38 week 6 days, Labour Induction..Help Pls
An_216737 posted:
Hi Friends,

Next week Wednesday My doctor scheduled for Labour Induction, My First pregnanacy was natural, No medication ..Nothing..Everything was fine, But this is my Second pregnanacy, had lot of problems like , in the late third trimster they found i 'm having gestational diabetes.. and also the baby right artium is little bigger than normal size but they said it is not a complication but had to watch after baby born, And Form the begining i had lot of pelvic pain etc., Now i'm 38 wk 1 day, Labour induction is first time, Any body with artificial(Medicine) labour induction experience , Please share your thoughts and suggestions and advice please......
roni090909 responded:
My water broke but I never started contracting with DS. It was long and it hurt like heck but it worked. I didn't have a c-section. At the time I was only dilated to a 1. DS was really big too, so that was part of the long labor.

This time I will be induced at 39 weeks because of a big baby. I am already at 2cm, so hopefully I go before.

Are you dilating yet or anything? If you body is ready it should be okay. If you body isn't ready then you might have to have a c-section but there is also that risk with any labor.

GL to you.
Me (30) DH (37) DS (10/20/08) and New Baby Girl EDD 11/11/10
sarah0323 responded:
I was induced with my second & third DS because of size. My body was ready was with DS2 and it was much easier. I was at 3 cm. He was born within 4 hours of starting pitocin. With DS3 my body wasn't ready. I wasn't dialated at all. I was started on pitocin and I was in labor for 72 hours before he was born. It was horrible.

The induction really depends on if your body is ready or not. Have you dialated at all yet?
nnegron1 responded:
I was induced with DD #1 instead of electing to wait it out because I was in so much pain. The labor wasn't as bad as everyone made it seem. In fact, I think it was pretty normal. The only thing that sucked was it took FOREVER for me to start dilating at all! I wasn't even a 2 when I had gone in. They didn't start the pitocin until after some other things they tried to make me dilate only got me to a 3. Once I got to a 4 they gave my my epidural and increased the pitocin, so I didn't really feel anything until it was time to push. I remember when I read up on inductions everyone talked about how the pain was worse, but IMO, it was just normal, like it would have been had I gone into labor naturally. Plus, I had back labor so I doubt I would have known I was even contracting! haha
breezy_83255 responded:
My water broke with DD1 9 days before EDD. They waited 12 hours, but nothing happened, so they induced. I think I was at a 3 when they started the pitocin. I was on pit for about 10 hours and only made it to a 4. They upped the pitocin, and then it kicked into gear! That's when the contractions came one after another and it got REALLY painful. They went ahead and gave me the epi at that point to see if it would help me progress. It did, and I had DD1 about 1 1/2 hours later. The delivery was not bad at all. I had stitches due to them using forceps (heart rate was dropping), but it still wasn't too bad.
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