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2 Dilated 75% effaced
beccadita80 posted:
I am 37 weeks 3 days and just had my appointment yesterday. They told me I'm a sure 2 and 75% effaced. This would explain why I have been having pee accidents here and there. I go all the time but if I sneeze hard or laugh to hard it happens. :-( Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had an idea if I'd go early or not becasue of my progress so far?? Thanks
Becca(29) DH(30) PINK TEAM!!!! EDD 11/16 which is also my birthday! 2 furbabies
JessG711 responded:
Right there with you. I am due 2 days after you and on Wed i was 1 cm and 50%effaced. Not sure if this means any thing but my Dr. didn't say baby would be here sooner. All she said was she would like to see me wait another 2 weeks which would be the week before my EDD and that it is good things are progressing and i am not all locked up down there. My dr is so funny i love her so much.
Mena75 responded:
I was just getting on here to see who was at what progress. I am at 2 and 80% effaced. I know exactly what you mean about accidents. I have been having them as well. :( Ohh..looks like I'm due to be induced on your bday. :)
~Malina (35) Dh (38) two DS's 13 and 5 ~~~ Pink team!!! Isabella Kahlan-Lee EDD 11/23/10~
sam_bam23 replied to Mena75's response:
when do they check usually to see if your dilated Ive only once sneezed and peed a lil and that was a couple weeks ago and im 33 wks now luckily i was able to stop most of it
I'm Samantha I am 19 My baby girl kiara is due December 15 2010
jenfur79 responded:
i was at 2 cm and 75% with DS for 3 weeks and had him at 38 weeks 5 days. Women can walk around like that for weeks before actual labor. Its very frustrating knowing when your dialted and its not doing anything lol
Me(30)DH(34)DD(10)DS(2)Lil Girl EDD 12/28/2010
Mena75 replied to sam_bam23's response:
From my experience they normally don't check until 36 weeks. It perfectly normal though to sneeze or cough at 33 weeks and have an accident. When I was 33 weeks I had a bad cough..had to wear a pad to catch all the accidents. lol
~Malina (35) Dh (38) two DS's 13 and 5 ~~~ Pink team!!! Isabella Kahlan-Lee EDD 11/23/10~
mesha84 responded:
with my 1 yr old I was 3-4 cm n 50% effaced for almost 2wks b4 n e thing happened n with my 2yrs old i was 1 cm for a month but once i hit 3 cm they sent me to the hospital broke my water n gave me poticin n 2 hrs later i had my son. it all depends on the baby n when they ready to come out n also the dr gl
SunConure responded:
I started progressing at 35 weeks and by 38 weeks I was 3 1/2cm and 50%, and I still didn't go into labor until the day after my due date. I would have rather not been checked at all to tell you the truth and next baby I probably won't be checked until 39 weeks, by my choice. It really frustrated me to know I was progressing, but nothing was happening, it was def new mom jitters! So you could deliver early or go past your due date.
Terra(24)Jeff(25) Rylee Lynn 09/14/10, she's finally here!!

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