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Low blood pressure????
38prego posted:
I'm currently 29wks with my second child. This time it's a girl! What I'm concerned about is my low blood pressure. Sometime is gets as low as 83/57. Is this normal?? My doc says to take in more fluids but sometimes I don't feel like that is helping. Maybe I'm not taking in enough! Along with the low blood pressure, I also have a high pulse rate periodically. Does this happen to anyone else? Please help!
Wendy12345678 responded:
I do this also. I don't monitor my blood pressure much but it seems to go up and down. The up for me is what is in the normal range. I have not seen my blood pressure as low as yours at my doctors office since I've been pregnant, but before I was pregnant the ones at the stores would tell me I was dead LOL. My blood pressure does do better when I stay well hidrated, and I make sure I eat some salty foods. It may sound weird but I heard salt can help raise your blood pressure. Keep talking to your doctor, but in the meantime you could try lots of water and pretzels! LOL, and don't get up to fast. Good luck.
38prego replied to Wendy12345678's response:
Thanks so much! Although it is not the most wonderful feeling, I am glad to hear that I am not alone. Best of luck to you too!
GermaphobeTeacher responded:
My blood pressure tends to run low as well. I was told that it was completely fine unless I started to feel dizzy/faint. As long as you feel okay, you don't need to worry about it. Lower blood pressure is a good thing as long as it doesn't go too low.
Ashcad124 responded:
I have had low blood pressure during my entire pregnancy. Mine gets so low, I get dizzy and almost pass out, so I was put on bed rest.
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