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big baby
cspriggs79 posted:
so ive been going to doc weekly for 2 months now . 34wks 5 days today. my preggo is high risk , i only have one kidney and that not doing well, thenthere was downs syndrom scare (did anmio and hes fine)then hes stared measureing big hes always breech or transvers and i have too much amnioc fliud measures bout25. so my question is ihad ultra sound today and baby measures 7lbs!!! i know that us can be wrong what are chances even thou ive had weekly ones . im only 5 ft tall and that is a big baby lol . doc said if lung are developed at 36 weeks there going to induce me none of my other babys have been this big at birth 7 lb .
bgabert responded:
Just to let ya know, I am 5'1" and 110lbs pre-pregnancy and I delivered a 8lb, 10oz baby girl in 2009. So, it can be done!

They told me for 2 months that she was going to be very small, and they were completely wrong. So.. I don't necessarily go by what the u/s says!

Hopefully come 36 weeks the baby's lungs are developed and you can hold your LO a couple weeks earlier than planned!
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krazykatt707 responded:
Wow. That's crazy I didn't even know they could be that big at 34 weeks. Is it possible they are wrong on your due date? They said my son was going to be average (about 7 lbs). I delivered him at 37 weeks and he was 8 lbs 7 oz and 20.5 inches. He would have been 10 lbs had he went to his due date. It's entirely possible they're wrong about the size.
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jessica5289 replied to krazykatt707's response:
My third baby weighed 13.7 pounds. Has his growth been steady? If so it could be accurate. The only way to know is delivery. A good friend of mine had a 11 pound baby natural so it really can be done. Good luck.
MRSKuhns responded:
I feel the baby boy was measuring 5lbs 12 oz last week and i was only 32 weeks! I am scared to deliver such a big baby, but people keep telling me it can be done. Who knows what size he will be with 7weeks left to grow (i am 33 weeks now)!
Me (22) Hubby (25) EDD January 19th, Blue team! :D
ShanunC responded:
well a couple things.. they can be off big time on there measurements.. at 34 weeks they said DD was around 5 lbs.. then at 38 weeks they said 6.. makes no sense.. anyways.. im 5'4 she came out 8lbs 11oz 21 inches long.. I was unable to deliver vaginally but that was my bodies fault.. my hips are offset which makes my pelvis tilt to one side.. something from when I was born.. anyways.. there wasnt a clear path for the baby to get down..
they can be off my a couple pounds.. they coudl also be off on your DD a bit.. lots of factors go into it..
hang in there.. your on the home stretch.. hope your feeling well..
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sarahaguirre responded:
They could totally be wrong about the size so I wouldn't worry too much. They told me my DD would be around 9 lbs at birth but she ended being 7 lbs. 9 oz. I remember delivering her and asking right away how much she weighed thinking she would be huge.... nope she was average size.
amb_519 responded:
At 34 weeks my LO weighed in at 5lb15oz.....this last time, yesterday, she weighed in at 8lbs on the dot. The u/s tech told me not to freak out, that they can be off by a lb or more, it's an estimate -- not an exact science =) I'm a little nervous to see how big she'll actually be when she's born, but we'll tackle that hurdle when it comes. I'm 37 weeks, she's 8lbs, and I've had contractions for over a week. I'm measuring she can totally pack her things and get to steppin' =) I wouldn't worry too much.....they can definitely be off and all it is is an won't know until they're here, but worrying is like a rocking chair -- it gives ya something to do but doesn't get you anywhere =) I was worried at first, at my 34 week u/s, and my doctor reassured me that she may just be a long baby, she's healthy and she should come on her own and come a week or two early....we can always opt for a c-section since I'm attempting a VBAC, but he's reassured me that when he starts to worry, I'll be notified LOL.
cspriggs79 replied to amb_519's response:
thank u . i have four other childern and this is the first time any of this has happened to me . around every turn has ben something to worrie about nothing ever really good. its hard at least im in home streach. baby has been measureing big thou science 24week so i think they might be at least kinnda right bout size he been continualy big . maybe not this big but big so well seelol .now my next problem hes travnvers .he can move cause his head is on a different side every week but never head down. ive never had a c section . i also have 25 cm of anmioc fluid wich might be causeing this . any one think if they turn him hell stay like that. nervous bout csection .i had my kidney removed not to long ago and i known how much that hurt
amb_519 replied to cspriggs79's response:
I wouldn't worry about what position he's in right now. My LO has been head down for months now, she's too long to flip on me now they said, but she goes sunny-side up a lot, every other time it seems....your LO still has time to get into the "launch" position, don't start to panic yet. Talk to your doctor about their procedures for c-sections. Mine was terrible, but totally different circumstances....many women say theirs was painless and easy, they opt for it again. You do have choices, make sure you make it a point to speak with your doctor about any concerns you have as they arise. My LO has always measured big as well, dr. even said my EDD may be off but it's too late to change it -- she's always been about a month long as she's healthy, I do not care about any of that nonsense...

I don't want another c-section but if it comes down to it, we'll do what we have to just to get her out safely =) GL to you!

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