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    Question about packing
    kay_kay75 posted:
    Ok don't know if I am early or not, will be 34 weeks on Wednesday... when is the ideal time to start getting your bag packed and ready to go to the hospital? I need to wash LO's clothes still... ugh... getting excited and nervous at the same time!
    ShanunC responded:
    i say pack when you feel you want to.. with DD at christmas I was like 2cms and 75% effaced and wasnt due until feb.. they didnt think iw oudl make it to the new year.. so I packed then.. ended up going 5 days
    but it was nice to have it packed in advance.. because I would keep thinkikng of things.. like ok.. i forgot my notebook.. or I forgot my breastpads.. the one thing I would say dont pack a lot of is your own undies and pants.. most hospital give you these awsome mesh undies that hold there GIANT pads in place really well.. I actually took some home with and as for the pants.. the first few days you have so much junk coming out of you that you will end up ruining your pants. your in bed a lot of the time anyways.. with covers on.. so no one will know you dont have pants on..but I found it was a total waste to pack pants.. I ended up only wearing pants the day I was going home..

    hope that helps.. hope your feeling well
    ME-27/DH-29/DD-3 on feb 9th.. lil Jack Owen coming Via c section to an operating room near you 2/10/2011... Bipolar Stay at home mom.. Love my lil MJ and cant wait for baby number 2..
    mommyNtraining responded:
    i still havent had my shower yet but i plan on washing everything as soon as i can, and packing for the hospital as early as the month of. im due feb 27th, so i plan on having it done the first week of feb. i dont like to be unprepared b/c im such a forgetful mess and cluts i rather do it early and know im ready and not forgetting something!
    StarryGrrl responded:
    With my first child my water broke at 35 weeks and I didn't have anything ready! I had to pack my bag in a rush and DH even had to go to Target to buy a carseat. I hadn't had a baby shower yet, so I didn't have much. Needless to say I have become a big supporter of getting it done early!
    MRSKuhns responded:
    I have already started packing our hospital bag and i am only 33 almost 34 weeks...hope that helps :). I just did it when i felt like I wanted it done by.
    Sarah (me 22), Hubby (25), EDD 1/19/11 Cody Benjamin! :D
    MNMommy3 responded:
    I'm 35 weeks and I plan on starting it this week. Good point ShanunC made about undies and pants. If anything, bring a pair of sweats you don't care too much about to wear with the beautiful hospital gown. I remember though, the nurse's being down there so much, pushing on my tummy and looking for clots and such that it would have been a hassle to have pants on too. Oh and I LOVED those mesh panties!! They are so stretchy and really do accommodate the MASSIVE pads you have to wear and bags full of ice too LOL. I figure from this point on, baby could come at anytime so might as well be prepared.
    ~ Kelly (31), DB (31), DS1 (12), DS2 (5), baby GIRL due 01/09/11!
    Ashcad124 responded:
    I started packing the diaper bag, and my bag at 35 weeks and it's been in the car since. If I think of something I've left out I just have to go outside and add it in.
    Me(26) DH (25)--Cadence (1/24/2005), EDD baby Persephone C-section scheduled 12/10/2010
    ShanunC replied to MNMommy3's response:
    i kinda have to wait for i did all the christmas shopping including the stuff for me.. I bought some nice longer sleep gowns that are easy to manuever for bfeeding and pumping.. so I wanna pack those.. then I dont wait to pack like toiletries.. I go and buy in the travel isle all the things I want.. that way I can just toss everything in the trash before I leave the hospital... and its cheaper.. plus. I could care less if Im using special shampoo in the hospital after having a baby.. the only thing I think I really am happy I packed was my shower poof and body wash.. especially afte they took the epi tape off my back.. it was all itchy and stuff and hubby helped me with m y showers and the poof thing just took all the itch away.. ALSO.. find a really good anti itch lotion.. within 24 hours of DD coming out my stomach was itch central..
    I LOVE those mesh undies.. best invention EVER... like I said i took some and like MNMOMMY said they are checking down there so much and making sure you uterus is going down pants are a pain..
    however as soon as I had a chance I was out of that godforsaken hospital gown.. i wanted a nice big tshirt
    ME-27/DH-29/DD-3 on feb 9th.. lil Jack Owen coming Via c section to an operating room near you 2/10/2011... Bipolar Stay at home mom.. Love my lil MJ and cant wait for baby number 2..
    ShanunC replied to ShanunC's response:
    ALso Im a scheduled c section at 39 weeks.. but I just get this feeling this little guy is gonna try and come out on his own.. so I say pack when your ready.. as soon as I get the stuff I bought for myself for xmas Im packing and just putting the back in the closet so its alllll set to go..
    ME-27/DH-29/DD-3 on feb 9th.. lil Jack Owen coming Via c section to an operating room near you 2/10/2011... Bipolar Stay at home mom.. Love my lil MJ and cant wait for baby number 2..
    sam_bam23 replied to ShanunC's response:
    i just packed my bags yesterday i am 38 wks and 5 days but surpise i found out i might not have her intill 3 weeks from now cuz im measuring small :( but i would say its never to early to pack your bags and be prepared you never know what the following weeks will bring
    I'm Samantha I am 19 My baby girl kiara is due December 15 2010

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