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    Freezing Meals
    sarahaguirre posted:
    Has anyone planned or is planning on freezing some meals before the big day? If so what do you plan on freezing?
    abbygailsmom1 responded:
    I have done several. What is currently in my freezer is:

    baked spaghetti
    chicken spaghetti
    chicken enchilada casserole

    and I am making a meatloaf tonight.

    You can also freeze some soups.
    Me (30) DH (29) DD1 (6) DD2 (2) Baby boy Korbin expected via c-section 1/14/11
    kristinrayerootes responded:
    I haven't frozen any yet, but I definitely plan on doing so. When I was pregnant with my first, I just made doubles of every meal that I thought would freeze well for the couple of months before I was due. There are also cookbooks and websites dedicated to once a month cooking. They tell you what to buy, how to prepare it, etc. I am going to try to get my freezer empy enough to do that. You can also start a list of foods that are quick to make and ensure you have all the groceries on hand. Things like pancakes or spaghetti.
    Me: 30 DH: 31 Big Sister Macie: 2 Little Brother: EDD 3/12/11
    MRSKuhns responded:
    I am working on it... we are gonna make some chicken and shred it to freeze just to have on hand and make up a bunch of hamburger and do the same. Then i am making some spaghetti sauce, goulash, chili, chicken tortilla casserole, and beef stroganoff.
    Sarah (me 22), Hubby (25), EDD 1/19/11 Cody Benjamin! :D
    sarahaguirre responded:
    I can't make a lot of things because my husband is only picky with casserole type dishes. He says that he doesn't like too many ingredients in one dish..... whatever! So I made a grocery list of some things to make and have in the freezer. Lasagna, motzerella (sp?) sticks, meatballs, sloppy joes and maybe a chicken noodle soup since it'll be cold for sure. That's what I plan on making this weekend and hopefully next weekend I can make some more food to freeze as well. Hmmmm maybe I'll make a chili too but I have yet to find a good recipe I like.
    abbygailsmom1 responded:
    Unfortunatley casseroles are the best thing to freeze. What about some of those bagged meals that come with meat, veggies and pasta that take 10-15 minutes to cook? That is an idea. We had some of those when I had DD2 and they were good. I know that Banquet makes a bagged beef stew kit that was really good. You just dumped everything into a crockpot and added some water and let it cook all day. You could have DH do that in the morning before he left for work.
    Me (30) DH (29) DD1 (6) DD2 (2) Baby boy Korbin expected via c-section 1/14/11
    Sigma3rc74 responded:
    My mom and I did this a few months back and are going to do it again late January to have on hand when the baby comes. We marinated some meats and froze that, cooked chicken (strips and shredded) and froze, meatballs and italian sausage in sauce, lasagna, veggie soup, chili, MD crab soup.
    And, if you've seen those multi blister packs of seasoning in the spice aisle, there are recipes on the backs of those for a quesadilla caserole, spanish chicken and sage pork chops. We made those (using less sage, garlic and curry than the recipe called for) and froze those too.
    it's been a big help when DF and I have to work late to just be able to pop something in the oven to heat for dinner!
    Rayna (36), DF (35), EDD 3/19/2011
    MRSKuhns replied to sarahaguirre's response:
    With Chili I just let the recipe be a guideline and add or subtract what i want. How do you like your chili?
    Sarah (me 22), Hubby (25), EDD 1/19/11 Cody Benjamin! :D
    MRSKuhns replied to abbygailsmom1's response:
    Thats a good idea..I never thought about those...another thing I like that is similar are the Red Barron Pasta meals they are in the freezer section by the pizzas at the store and they cook in 30mins in the oven straight from the freezer. They are pretty good too! :D
    Sarah (me 22), Hubby (25), EDD 1/19/11 Cody Benjamin! :D
    sarahaguirre replied to MRSKuhns's response:
    I like hearty spicier chili. Not too spicy because thanks to my kids I get horrid heartburn now. I've only made it twice and both times it came out on the plainer side.
    jrap1978 replied to abbygailsmom1's response:
    I can't find those banquet things anymore!!! i wonder if walmart sells them? The stew is awesome and there was a chicken one that was decent too!!! now I wanna go out and find em LOL
    Jen(32),DB(34),DS(11),SDD(7),EDD 1/16/11 PINK!!!!
    ShanunC replied to jrap1978's response:
    Jrap.. I feel yah.. I have an incredibly picky and I do believe super walmart carries those banquet things..
    actually starting my next grocery trip I just double what I make of certain things..
    i do up a ton of spaghetti sauce and portion enough for DH and I and freeze alot of that.. i can use the sauce for spaghetti for american chop suey..
    I LOVE spicey potato soup, basically hamburger, tomato sauce, potatos and some onion.. DH actually likes that one.. so I do ALOT of that one..
    i normally just package my hamburger and freeze it in squares so there ready when I want to make sauces and stuff.. but I make sure when im gonna have the baby that I make ALOT of patties.. we can just pull em out and defrost em and have hamburgers whenever..
    I buy the cryovacked (sp) chicken.. perdue makes them so do some other brands.. they come in packages of 2 which is perfect.. i dont even have to package em.. just throw them in the freezer... i do tak e afew and cut them up for certian meals so I dont have to bother with cutting them up..
    i really only do sauces and some soups.. but I make sure instead of packaging my meat bulk.. i package for just one meal.. that way I can just pull out one package that has say 2 pork chops in it and just go with that.. also.. I really only LIKE homeade mashed potatos. but oreida I think makes those potatos in the freezer section.. you microwave the bag.. then ju8st add what you want for mashed potatos.. and I say when you have a toddler running around and a newborn.. sounds good to me.. oh and Im a TOTAL sucker for like freshcut frenchfries.. so I buy up a bag of my fav potatos and cut em up for french fries.. then I can just make em like i bought them from the grocery store.. YUMMO
    also so you dont get sick of caseroles and soups.. make up a batch of pancakes or waffles.. even if its just bisquick.. and freeze em.. you can have em for a quick bfast or even for dinner some night..

    make sure you buy good freezer bags.. or the containers good for freezing.. yah never know whats gonna get lost in the and if your bfeeding and plan on storing milk dont over stock so much that you dont have room to store some milk..
    ME-27/DH-29/DD-3 on feb 9th.. lil Jack Owen coming Via c section to an operating room near you 2/10/2011... Bipolar Stay at home mom.. Love my lil MJ and cant wait for baby number 2..
    abbygailsmom1 responded:
    I actually haven't looked for the banquet meals for this time around. I know that we bought several of the beef stew ones when I had DD2 2 years ago. They were pretty good.

    There are some Banquet boxed meals that are a whole kit with the meat too. They are pretty good. I think there is a chicken fettuccine one that is good. Depending on how many people there are in your family depends on if it would be worth it to buy some of those. I think they are around $3 but they really weren't enough for a main dish for the 4 of us. If it was just you and another adult, or maybe 2 adults and a kid it would be enough.

    I got some chili in the freezer tonight too. I only have a few more days until he is here!
    Me (30) DH (29) DD1 (6) DD2 (2) Baby boy Korbin expected via c-section 1/14/11

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