She's Here!!
ElanaK posted:
Short: Tzipora Sara was born at 5:13am on 12/30/10. She weighs 6lbs 7oz and is 20 inches long.

Long: I passed my mucus plug around 11pm (after doing "you know" with my hubby trying to get labor started) and then my water broke around 1:15am. Well, good L-rd ladies...that was it. My contractions came fast and furious!!! Every 2-3 minutes and they hurt like nobody's business. We still had a few things we needed to finish packing, so we didn't actually get to the hospital until around 2:15am. Then it took time for us to get up to triage and get everything hooked up, so my midwife didn't come in to check me until nearly 3am. I was 4cm, but she said that the ferocity of my contractions probably meant it wouldn't be a long haul...and boy was she right. I got into my room probably around 3:15 or so and *really* wanted to try getting into the tub. I was willing to do nearly anything to get the pain to lessen up. Unfortunately the tub did nothing... So we got out and I tried a few other positions...still writhing in pain. My doula got out her TENS machine, which definitely helped, but there was nothing touching these bad boy contractions. By 4:30 I was begging for mercy and any kind of pain relief they would give me (except I didn't want a narcotic). My doula suggested a sterile water injection in my back, and I was like "sure...whatever you want...just make them HURRY". While I waited, she suggested I try going to the bathroom, as a full bladder can make contractions worse. I didn't really feel like I had to go, but went anyway. Once I got on the toilet, I relaxed and my body naturally wanted to bear down. Gee...all of a sudden the contraction didn't seem as bad and it felt really good to push. Uh oh...but I was only an hour and a half in...I couldn't imagine that I was actually complete and ready to go. I told the doula to call for the midwife to check me before I started accidentally pushing on a semi-closed cervix. But honestly, the urge was so intense that not pushing through a contraction was a zillion times worse. The midwife was actually in the middle of delivering another baby, but soon came into the room. I had already pushed a little bit through a few contractions while she was gone, hoping I wasn't screwing things up. She checked me and (you guessed it)....fully dilated with the baby halfway down the birth canal. Woo!!! I pushed for just about a half an hour (including the few pushes I took before the midwife got there) and POOF! There was my little girl at 5:13 am...only 4 hours after my water broke! I only had two very, very minor tears (one superficial tear on the labia and one that the midwife called a "dimple" on my vagina). I think she gave me a grand total of 3 stitches and then was all set. So there you have it! My baby made it in time for the tax deduction AND I got to deliver with my favorite midwife. Soooo perfect.
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rosecole responded:
Congrats!! That was a great labor & delivery (minus the pain!!) :)
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MRSKuhns responded:
Wow congrats! Sound like it went very well other than the pain :), so did you every find out what exactly that sterile water injection was...did it help?
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abbygailsmom1 responded:
What a great VBAC story. I am glad she is here and you weren't in labor forever!

BTW-I have never heard of a sterile water injection. Pretty interesting.
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Lisa_F responded:
aw how exciting, glade she's here
ssteinbuch0048 responded:
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excited_4_baby responded:
Congrats!! So happy for you!
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krazykatt707 responded:
yay for tax deductions! lol! Congrats and what a nice way to end 2010. : )
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ElanaK responded:
I never got the sterile water time! :) But I know what it is. It's a set of 4 injections of sterile water into your back which is supposed to greatly help with back labor.
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krazykatt707 replied to ElanaK's response:
Thanks for posting about the water injections Elana. I had horrible back labor both times I was in labor with DS. I wanted to try a semi natural birth with no epi this time and I might check out the sterile water injections if I get back labor again.
Rachel(26),Scott(27),Jon Roland(4),EDD for Kira Elizabeth 2-6-11
ShanunC replied to krazykatt707's response:
Congrats Elana.. no matter what i do I manage to get these babies that come in feb.. this lil guy with be here the day after DD turns
never heard of the water injection.. I had awful awful back labor with DD wish I had known about it.. sounds like it would be something good to help with the pain.. i could handle the contractions it was m y back I couldnt handle and ended up with an epi..
anyways CONGRATULATIONS.. im sure shes beautiful..hope you and the baby are feeling well... HAPPY NEW YEAR
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