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Almost there! Welcome to your third trimester and your community!

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Newbie to third tri!
nic14120 posted:
Hello mama's!! I am 28 wks today, so moving in :) I was wondering if there were any Gestational mom's on here? I have a few questions on your treatment at this point on...
ssteinbuch0048 responded:
Welcome to the Third Trimester board!!!
Stacy 31, DF 32, DD(Paige Aspen)13, DD(Pearl Madison)10, New LO - Alexander Gregory - Due March 1, 2011 YAY BLUE TEAM!!!
StarryGrrl responded:
Welcome to the third trimester. I have gestational diabetes and although I'm still learning, I can try to answer any questions you have. I have to go in on Tuesday to learn how to give myself insulin (Ugh!) at night because my fasting tests in the morning are always between 95-110 (the rest of the day my levels are beautiful). I'm not looking forward to taking insulin!
ShanunC responded:
Welcome to the 3rd tri board.. sorry no info on GD.. however I hope your feeling well and your LO is doing well
ME-27/DH-29/DD-3 on feb 9th.. lil Jack Owen coming Via c section to an operating room near you 2/10/2011... Bipolar Stay at home mom.. Love my lil MJ and cant wait for baby number 2..
Demeli responded:
Hello nic14120, I also have GD and I found out at 31 weeks and I am currently 37 1/2 weeks along. I have been lucky not to have to take insulin during this pregnancy. It has been all controlled by diet (dr. says to exercise but thats the LAST thing on my
amberleigh28 responded:
I was gestational with my last one, and thanking my lucky stars am not with this one, i was put on insulin for overnight fasting blood sugars, durning the day was controlled with just diet alone.
lestersgirls responded:
Hi there.
Just delivered my third child in September. Had gestational with my first pregnancy and ended up with Type 2 after delivery. So, I was diabetic with my last two as well. Normally, I take oral meds, but everytime I'm pregnant, I have had to go on insulin.
I'd be happy to answer any questions you have if I can.
Steffanie (37),Lester (30), DD1 (8-14-03), DD2 (4-12-05), Angel Baby @6 weeks (6-17-08),PAL Grad Kellan Lester (9-16-10)!

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