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DH's dream 1 week postpartum
Wendy12345678 posted:
Hello again, just can't stay away from you guys! So I thought this was sorta funny, and I'd share with all of you in the hard last stages of waiting. I had my son about a week ago, my boy number 3, and I've missed pregnancy so much. I missed it even during labor! So, I've said things to my husband (even during labor) that I want another one (I must be crazy). So he woke up freaking out a little, and told me he had dreamnt about me. He's not sure about another, and had dreamnt that after the baby fell asleep I was all over him. He said I wouldn't get off of him and he was freaking out because I had just had the baby. I've shrunk up really fast (much faster than with the other two) and I'm looking close to normal now (just jigglier) so in his dream I was telling him that I was healed and ready to make another one! The sad and funny thing about this to me is that me being all over him in a dream was a NIGHTMARE for him! LOL, not sure how I feel about that! I'm just chalking it up to him watching the miracle of childbirth!

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