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Pain in the pubic area !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nikkumom posted:
Okay Ladies!!

I am 30 week and 6 days..and having pain in the pubic bone area... its hard to turn and even get up from the bed at night... it hurts especially at night...I told me OB about it and she said its common.Anybody else with me on this one ???
Me (34),DH(40),4 yr old boy ,expecting DD on 03/21/2011
lady_samwise responded:
Yes I definitely am, I've had it going on since about 28 weeks too, I'm 37 weeks tomorrow and I'm sad to say it doesn't get any better. My doc says it's pretty common too. but ouch does it hurt.
krazykatt707 responded:
Yep. I'm with you. I'm 37 weeks. Feels like someone kicked me square in the crotch repeatedly. Like its bruised or something. It does make rolling over in bed kinda hard. The baby exerts alot of pressure on that area so its pretty normal to be sore down there. (Esp if the baby has dropped)
Rachel(26),Scott(27),Jon Roland(4),EDD for Kira Elizabeth 2-6-11
camnfaithsmom responded:
I'm only 28 weeks and I have experienced this only not frequently or constantly. Sometimes it even hurts to wipe!!! Good luck, hope you can find some relief soon!
Me(28),SO(29),Cameron(10),Faith(3),Serenity(1),Melody Rayne due April 10, 2011~Go Pink Team (again!)
cheyenne828 replied to camnfaithsmom's response:
Yep, me too....29 weeks....and I'm guessing it's Evil Crotch Pain. Just super sore down there and I assumed it was ligaments and my pelvis stretching...

Me - Pam, 37 / DH, 37 ~ 1 due 4/2/11 - Yellow team!
ssteinbuch0048 responded:
I've been having this as well. Mine usually only happens when I am lying in bed and try to adjust, or roll over. Sleeping with a pillow between my legs seems to help though. My hips however, have been aching like crazy though and it is constant!
Stacy 31, DF 32, DD(Paige Aspen)13, DD(Pearl Madison)10, New LO - Alexander Gregory - Due March 1, 2011 YAY BLUE TEAM!!!
ShanunC responded:
my pain got so bad walking hurt.. if im in bed I have no choice but to have a serious amount of pillows between my legs..
the doctor told me its very common to either severly pull ligaments in the pelvic area or have a fracture.. they think i fractured cuz of the severe pain i have had constantly.. I mean its AWFUL.. to the point I want to cry and I like to think with facial peircings and a tattoo that i have some kind of pain
however the doctor said once the baby comes out its just a matter of like pulling a leg muscle.. takes a little bit to get back into order..
so it could be something liket hat.. nothing big but enough to bug yah..
hang in there.. my doc suggested regular tylenol every 4-6 hours.. i dont take it all day cuz I feel like I take a lot of meds between my bipolar and constipation and and reflux.. so I only take it at bedtime since rolling over in the middle of the night is the part that gets me in tears...
maybe give that a try.. hope you feel better..
ME-27/DH-29/DD-3 on feb 9th.. lil Jack Owen coming Via c section to an operating room near you 2/10/2011... Bipolar Stay at home mom.. Love my lil MJ and cant wait for baby number 2..
MadlyMaggieMae responded:
Wow... so glad I read this. My vagina feels like it's trying to turn itself inside out... hurts so bad walking is hard sometimes. Doc keeps saying it's just increased bloodflow down there. Glad to know it's a common thing.
CandaceMatagi responded:
I'm only 20 weeks, but I am starting to feel this too! It is worse when I overdo it at the gym. It is crazy, it feels like I pulled my vagina muscles and I can barely lift up my legs sometimes.

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