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    Baby movement- feels like Jerky movement
    nikkumom posted:
    HI ladies I started week 31 today ...I am having a baby girl ,her movements feels more like Jerky movement... no poking to moving around solid jerky movement.. it not all day but most of the time I get those movementsDoes anybody has felt that kind of jerky movement with yr little ones ???
    Me (34),DH(40),4 yr old boy ,expecting DD on 03/21/2011
    Jhawkchick responded:
    Do you mean where is feels like your LO just got themselves "unstuck" from something. If so, I feel those but usually at night.
    Me (30), DH (30), Fur Baby: Nugget(Shih-tzu/poodle, 1), EDD 3/30/2011--Pink Team!
    lisa_f responded:
    sounds like she has the hiccups
    DH (31) Me (27) DD - Keelin (21 months) DD Tierney due 1/15/11
    ShanunC replied to lisa_f's response:
    def would say its the hiccups
    ME-27/DH-29/DD-3 on feb 9th.. lil Jack Owen coming Via c section to an operating room near you 2/10/2011... Bipolar Stay at home mom.. Love my lil MJ and cant wait for baby number 2..
    nikkumom replied to ShanunC's response:
    No it not hiccups ....when she gets hiccups i can feel them ..the movement is more shaky movements, kind of like a seizure or maybe like she's having a giant muscle spasm . I am slightly worried about how abnormal it feels, It feels like a jackhammer going off inside of me! Does that sound normal? It is super fast! The movements mimic exactly what a muscle spasm & feels as if a jackhammer went off inside of me.
    Me (34),DH(40),4 yr old boy ,expecting DD on 03/21/2011
    sarahgrl replied to nikkumom's response:
    Mine does that "kinda feels like seizure" movements a lot, since I was about 24 weeks or so. At first I thought something was wrong so I brought it up to my doc. He said that some doctors think that some babies do this movement when they wakeup. But, not every baby does it and since they can't really study it that it's just a theory (but he believes it). My baby actually JUST did that while I've been typing lol.

    She did start doing other movements though so don't worry. She does more rolling around movements now like she's changing positions but has never been a big kicker. So don't worry, it is just fine, just not every baby does this movement according to my doc so it can be unsettling (my first never did it). No seizures or anything bad
    Me(28), DH(28), DD(2), Keely Dawn EDD 2/19/11 :)
    nikkumom replied to sarahgrl's response:

    Thanks Sarah!! I am bit relieved now.. I have doc appointment next week.I will make sure I ask her abt it as well.
    Me (34),DH(40),4 yr old boy ,expecting DD on 03/21/2011
    Ber11 replied to nikkumom's response:
    I got that too and I would describe it to people exactly like you, like he's having a little seizure in there. My whole stomach would just start shaking for several seconds, it was really weird. I'm 34 weeks now and I haven't had that lately, his movements are changing because he's running out of room, but when I was about where you are now, I got it too. Weird but I don't think anything to worry about.
    rosecole responded:
    I posted about this the other day too! I am 31 weeks as well. My baby does that as well. I just had a doc appt this morning and told her this baby is moving like crazy...almost like it is having a siezure. She actually started laughing. She said she has heard a lot of people describe it that way. She said that is perfectly normal. Just to let everyone know my doc was not being rude. I started the conversation in a funny manner. I won't worry about it. My baby is probably having bad dreams about those loud two brothers who are also so whiney and pokey!!
    Nicole(30) DH Nate(29) DS1 Luke(4) DS2 Alex(2) 3 EDD 3-21-11 One Boston Terrier Furbaby Jack(5) Yellow Team!!!
    id2175 replied to nikkumom's response:
    Do you have an update? How is your baby now? I feel the same movements and am worried..... I am now 32 weeks. My first baby's movements felt very different.

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