safe to take Zantac?
An_216773 posted:
Hi ladies,
Is anyone else taking Zantac for heartburn relief? My midwife said it was safe for pregnancy, but when I read the details on the medication, it says you need to take it every day in order for it to work. Is it okay to take one Zantac every day for the remainder of my pregnancy? I have an appt next week and will ask again then, but just wanted to see if anyone else had any suggestions in the meantime.
ShanunC responded:
yes it is.. my life and throat and check depend on it.. I started with the zantac 75 every 12 hours as directed.. Im not onto zantac 150.. i take it once every 12 hours as directed...
hope it brings you some releif..
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lestersgirls responded:
My OB had me taking it twice a day during the last trimester. I couldn't live without it either!
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krazykatt707 responded:
I take Prilosec but its basically the same thing. My stomach and throat depend on it since I get such nasty reflux with this pregnancy. Should be perfectly safe!
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