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To induce or not to induce
CSell posted:
Sorry, this is kind of long, but I wanted you all to understand the whole perspective before stating an opinion. This is my 5th baby. I have been having contrax at night that wake me up and or keep me up. I even went to the hospital on Saturday to get checked to see if I was in labor because some of my contrax Friday night were so bad that I could not even move. Normally, I would have waited until I was sure I was in labor, but I was worried that serious labor would not come until the middle of the night when it would be extremely difficult to get my kids to a sitter and me to the hospital in time for the baby to come out. Anyway, the hospital thought I was in labor and almost admitted me saying that I had progressed from a 3 to a 4 in the first hour I was there, then they changed their minds and sent me home saying that I was only 3cm. Monday, I went in for my regular Dr. appointment and the nurse there said I was only at 1 or 2cm. She explained that those numbers don't mean much for someone like me since my cervix is so ripe that when the baby's head engages, I will be dialated 3-4 pretty instantly anyway. I explained to her about the night contrax and that my body is tired in general from all of this pre-labor stuff. I got pretty emotional (pregnancy hormones) and I think she felt sorry for me and she offered to get the doctor to induce me on Monday at 39 weeks since that is the soonest they would be allowed to induce me without additional medical cause. I told her I would rather not be induced if I don't have to be, and she said that in my case, all they would probably have to do is break my water and let things happen. Tempting, but I told her no for now. However, the closer we get to the due date, the more hectic our schedule gets. My husband is a firefighter, and it would be hard for him to leave work at a minute's notice if my water breaks, plus I have had so many regular contraction/ false alarms that it is not a very reliable way to plan ahead for him to get someone to cover for him. Also, my labors do not get too uncomfortable until I am 7cm, and I go from 7-10 in about an hour or 2. If I wait to go to the hospital until I am really uncomfortable, it may be too late for me to get myself there and get someone to take the kids. (My babysitting resources are very limited.) Plus, my husband may not get there on time especially if he is out on an emergency call. So, the question is, if this baby does not come on it's own this week, should I take them up on the offer to break my water? My labors go very quickly when they break my water based on past experience. It seems like an easy solution to all of my schedule worries, but I kind of like the idea of letting a baby come when he is ready. What do you all think?
casidy_2010 responded:
Go for it!
Jackie86401 responded:
With everything else considered I would definately go for would help with the scheduling and plus the constant worrying and stress about whether your DH will be able to make it or not which I don't know any DH that wouldn't want to be there for his wife...
Wendy12345678 responded:
I was induced, and it was a hard decision. This was my third and I was starting and stopping just like you. It was a giant pain, because I was at 3 cm and the dr said that when I went it would be fast. And my husband was unavailable on my due date and 4 days afterward. It turned out to be very good that I did induce because there was merconium behind my babies head. It seems my body would start labor and just stop, but it really needed to keep going. I was induced on the 7th but due on the 11th. I was so sad to do it that way, but like I said, it turned out for the best. Its hard to say, but whatever you feel is right go for it.
CSell responded:
Thank you everyone for your responses! I am tentatively scheduled to be induced on the 10th unless baby comes before then.

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