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Nausea/vomiting towards the end?
Ber11 posted:
I will be 38 weeks tomorrow and over the last few days, I've had bouts of nausea. They only last for about half an hour so I didn't think too much of it, however, today it was enough to send me to the bathroom where I vomited several times. It wouldn't concern me TOO much except that I didn't even experience any morning sickness or anything in the beginning of the pregnancy.
Has anyone else experienced this or knows if it could be a sign of labor in the near future? It's my first baby and I'm clueless! Thanks!
krazykatt707 responded:
That can happen in your third trimester. The hormonal changes that take place before labor can cause it. I had morning sickness in the beginning and again in the end. A few weeks from my due date I also started getting horrible headaches. Those hormones can do nasty things to you. An empty stomach makes it worse! So at the very least try to munch on some crackers or toast if you're nauseous.
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nikkumom replied to krazykatt707's response:
It can happen in 3rd trimester.I am 24 wks 4 day today and my nausea/morning sickness started when I was in my 30th week.I am not throwing up everyday it's every other day or 2-3 days and maybe once a day ..or if i smell something weird.. I didn't had any nausea towards the end with my first pregnancy but with this one definitely "YES".

I did mention this to my OB on my 32 weeks appointment and she asked me how often I do it and she didn't say anything abt this being a sign on early labor. I guess is if it's uncontrollable and you are doing it non stop or something like that it could be sign of Labor. I am going to check with her again when I see her next week.
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nikkumom replied to nikkumom's response:
I meant to type I am 34 wks and 4 days today
Me (34),DH(40),4 yr old boy ,expecting DD on 03/21/2011
joellelewis responded:
It happens to me, and I am almost 39w. I have only vomited once, but been sent to bed with the nausea since about 34w
After trying 19months, DS Benjamin Nathaniel due 2/24/2010..I CAN'T WAIT!!! Also...bipolar mom, still on medicine and taking it day by day
kygirl82 replied to joellelewis's response:
I'm 35 weeks and i go from being fine to nauseous very quick...just a smell of something usually triggers it. But only one really bad day that i did call in sick to work for...which i didn't even do in the 1st tri.But i do agree with pp that it is all because of the hormones changing up again in the 3rd tri....i was watching a story on ESPN about this 16yrold that had stage 4 colon cancer and died only thinking about his football team winning state...and they did after he passed. i was bawling by the end of it..These hormones at the end are worse than at the beginning...for me at least.
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