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Pain When Checking the Cervix?
Jhawkchick posted:
So I went to the doc last week for my 36 week appointment and my OB tried to check me for dialation but I seriously was so uncomfortable. She even tried to have me reposition on the table but it hurt so bad when she was checking that she just stopped. She said she didn't think I was dialated, but I know she wasn't even far enough in to really know. It had been quite a while since DH and I had sex so do you think that could have caused everything to be super tight there? We came home and tried to give it a try that night...which was comical to say the least. Haven't tried again since then and I have my 37 week appointment and I would like to find out where I am--if anywhere. I just want to know. So my question is, should DH and I give it another try before my appointment to hopefully get things a little more loose down there?
Me (30), DH (30),  Fur Baby: Nugget(Shih-tzu/poodle, 1), Alexa (Lexi) Belle due 3/30/2011
rosecole responded:
I had my first check on Friday. It also hurt for the doc to check me too. She did say my cervix was pretty far back so I'm wondering it that is why it hurt as much as it did. I was about a fingertip dialated. Mine wasn't as bad as yours, but it still hurt. DH and I have been DTD quite a bit actually. Not sure if that would really help or not. I have another appt on Friday so I guess I will see if it does make a difference or not. As far as progression goes, not sure if it will help with it not hurting to get checked. I think it even hurts to get checked in the hospital when you are really dialated.
Nicole(30) DH Nate(29) DS1 Luke(4) DS2 Alex(2) 3 EDD 3-21-11 One Boston Terrier Furbaby Jack(5) Yellow Team!!!
Jhawkchick replied to rosecole's response:
Thanks Nicole! Well..we DTD last night and my appointment is at 11:30 west coast time today so we'll see how it goes. Hopefully, she'll be able to tell me something. I don't even care if I haven't progressed at all--I just want to know something. Okay, well that's not completely true but you know what I mean. In the meantime...watching a little Big 12 Tourney...Rock Chalk!
Me (30), DH (30), Fur Baby: Nugget(Shih-tzu/poodle, 1), Alexa (Lexi) Belle due 3/30/2011
rosecole replied to Jhawkchick's response:
Hope you were able to get something out of your appt today! It is nice to know even when you haven't progressed. I have an appt tomorrow and I'm excited to see if I've progressed. DH and I have been walking and DTD. I swear this baby dropped last night. today I have so much pressure down there and I even peed my pants this morning! Luckily I was wearing a pantiliner so it caught it all! :) Still I have not had that problem yet this pregnancy. What a time to start!

Man did KU play a close game! Let's hope they can get back to normal KU play for tomorrow. Can't keep playing that way if they want to win the tourney!! And get a # 1 seed for the big dance!!
Nicole(30) DH Nate(29) DS1 Luke(4) DS2 Alex(2) 3 EDD 3-21-11 One Boston Terrier Furbaby Jack(5) Yellow Team!!!
Jhawkchick replied to rosecole's response:
Oh no...there is seriously nothing worse than when pregnancy makes you pee your pants. It makes me feel like I'm 4 years old all over again. As for progress, my doc didn't even check. She said she'll check again next week. :( I was a little bummed but oh well.

Um...yeah...that game was a little too close for me. I couldn't watch the end because I had to leave for the doctor but once I got checked in and settled in my exam room I checked the score on my iphone and it was 63-62 KU with 20 seconds left. I just kept hitting the refresh button over and over again w/ my fingers crossed until the word "Final" showed up on the screen.

Good luck at your appointment tomorrow!
Me (30), DH (30), Fur Baby: Nugget(Shih-tzu/poodle, 1), Alexa (Lexi) Belle due 3/30/2011
roseregina responded:
Hi Ladies,

I am 39 weeks and 4 days and yesterday was the (HAND EXAM).. lol.. the past 3 weeks the nurse was doing it but yesterday the DR. did it..and it hurt..and I was still tightly closed and not ephased at all.... well later on ...maybe 4 hr later when I went to the bathroom ... I had spotted a lil of brown blood on my panty liner. I called Dr. Office and they said very normal not to worry. so I think the checkign of the cervix is always going to be uncomfurtable and a lil painful.
amelon1979 responded:
I am 37 wks and 4 days pregnant with my 3rd baby, so you'd think I would be nice and loose, but when my doctors check my cervix it feels like they're checking my tonsils by way of my vagina! I think it gets a little better as your cervix descends a little farther into your birth canal. Just a heads up, I also bled quite a bit this time, so if it happens to you, try not to panic.
jlbwondering35 responded:
Every time I got checked, including the day I ended up going into labor was cervix was always "far back" even on the day I went into labor. I hated the pain of it, but I always wanted to know!

Good luck to those of you due soon! I love coming back and reading the posts now that I have my LO in my arms! Quick, easy, healthy labor vibes to everyone!

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