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TMI Question! Help!
Dyzkneegrl posted:
Well when I woke up this morning and made my morning stop to the bathroom...I noticed an amonia like smell? I wasn't wet or anything. I have had a little bit of leaking off and on now. Should I be worried that I am leaking amniotic fluid or do you think that this is just the baby squishing my bladder? I am waiting for my Dr to call me back. I am worried, I am only 28 weeks along!!!

Jhawkchick responded:
My guess would be it's a squished bladder if there is an amonia like smell. To my knowledge amniotic fluid shouldn't have a foul odor. Actually, based on a couple other posts on this site, it seems like it might actually have a sweet smell.
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melissah210 responded:
Sorry to say but it is the baby pressing down on the bladder..

I went to the hospital a few weeks ago cause i wasnt sure and after running some tests needless to say im just tinkling myself. lol..

Its annoying cause I can literally sit on the toilet and after im done peeing (atleast i think i got it all out) i sit on the toilet and wiggle the butt alittle before i get up and when I get off the toilet i notice that from the sitting to standing position i would tinkle so when im getting off the toilet i hold the paper their to catch the drip drip... lol..

Try wearing some panty liners..
Dyzkneegrl replied to melissah210's response:
Thank you ladies! My Dr said its a squished bladder! Lovely.. lol! Now I am completley paranoid that I smell! Some things you can never really be prepared for! Can I just go and hide now? Oh, well wouldn't trade it for the alternative! Thank goodness I have been wearing panty liners!

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