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obgyn or PCP????
mindy48875 posted:
Okay - so I've had a horrible cough going on 3 weeks now. I haven't had a sore throat or fever....just a really bad hard cough. Well - starting on Friday I started to get a stuffy nose and my coughing has become so hard that I have severe pain in my left rib cage and the left side of my back. I'm not one to go to the doctor. I usually let things run their course and will be fine. But this has been going on so long now....and I'm so TIRED of not sleeping at night b/c it's worse when I lay down. The only reason I'm contemplating going to the doctor is for the sever pain in my back and ribs. Even if I were to have something like bronchitis or strep - it's not like they can put me on an antibiotic anyway right? question is...if my PCP can't see me - do I make an appt. with the obgyn since I am pregnant? Or doesn't the obgyn see you for those types of problems? Thanks for the help ladies!
Me(28)DH(29),DS(3)unnecesarian,DS(2)VBAC! Baby 3 due 5/24/11-another vbac!!!!
Wendy12345678 responded:
You should see your PCP, and yes you would probably be put on something if you need it. I had an antibiotic drip with a UTI when I was pregnant. If you feel safer you can double check your PCP's treatment with you OB/GYN. Good luck.
cheyenne828 replied to Wendy12345678's response:
I agree with the PP, see your primary care. Just to make you feel a little better, I had a horrible, horrible cold and cough in the fall for 4 weeks. I thought I broke ribs in two places and it took a long time to heal - it hurt to breathe it was so bad. I did get better though and it's just a distant memory now. For meds I was given an antiobiotic as a precaution, I took plain Robitussin (helped a little) and Tylenol PM to help me sleep. Hang in there and HTH.
Me - Pam, 37 / DH, 37 ~ 1 due 4/2/11 - Yellow team!
osamuel08 responded:

If you can't get in with your PCP, give your OB a buzz and see if they can give you a look/call in something for you. I know mine will do that for me but obviously prefer that I see my PCP. Also, you can still take antibiotics. I contracted Lymes Disease in my third tri when pregnant with our 2yo and I was on meds for three weeks straight during that time. Like ppl said I okayed what I was being prescribed by my PCP with my OB before starting anything.
Hope you are feeling better soon! Coughing with a big belly is no fun :(

Jen (35) DH (35) DS (5) DS (2) edd 4/7/11 blue team
mindy48875 responded:
Thanks for the replies everyone!
I did call my pcp but they were unable to get me in and advised me to go to an open clinic. I then called my obgyn hoping they'd see me but no luck there - so I went to the open clinic. And - just as I thought - just a viral cold that 'needs to run its course'. It just sucks I've had it for so long. And at least I have no cracked ribs this time! Just a pulled muscle in my back but it hurts like heck when I cough.
My dh couldn't believe it when I told him that's all it is. He thought for sure I had bronchitis or something. Oh well...what do you do other than suck it up right?
Me(28)DH(29),DS(3)unnecesarian,DS(2)VBAC! Baby 3 due 5/24/11-another vbac!!!!
jedmonds12 replied to mindy48875's response:
I'm right there with you, Mindy! I pulled a muscle in my ribs about 10 days ago and then came down with an awful head cold and a deep chest cough. It hurts so bad to cough or sneeze!

I've been taking Sudafed for the congestion during the day (just 1 pill instead of 2) and then a Sudafed plus a Tylenol PM to help me sleep. I feel great when I wake up, but within an hour I'm all stuffed up again. I was sick in January with something really similar and it hung on for like 6 stinkin weeks.

I hope we both feel better soon!!
Julie (27), DF (34). Our little boy is due 4/18/11!
alb7585 responded:
My OB won't see me for illness. I always have to go to my PCP. When my PCP couldn't see me they made me go to urgent care for my last crud I had. GL
mindy48875 replied to jedmonds12's response:
Isn't it awful! I think this it's as bad as when I had a cracked rib about 3 months ago (also do to a horrible cough I had). Man - I don't know what it is with the pregnancy - but I have had more sicknesses than ever! I don't ever get sick and already I've had the stomach flu twice and now this nasty cold thing again for a second time. This baby sure it taking all my immunity that's for sure :-)
Me(28)DH(29),DS(3)unnecesarian,DS(2)VBAC! Baby 3 due 5/24/11-another vbac!!!!

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