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colopyr posted:
Im 32 weeks pregnant and i have had this horrible cold for more than 4 days and i just cant take it anymore! My ears are plugged, my nose is so stuffed and raw from blowing it so much, my throat hurts, and more! My doctor said i can take robotussin so i een taking that nut its just not getting the job done! What other options do i have? What can i take and what can i do to feel better? Im going crazy as it is since i been put on bed rest and now i have this cold that just wont kick! UHG!!! Please help!
cheyenne828 responded:
I'm so sorry you're sick. You can try Claritin or Tylenol PM (the PM will help you sleep and will be a bit of an antihistimine). Also, when I was desperately sick, I used Affrin for two days. It just cleared my nose up enough to get some relief and rest. Do not use it for an extended period though.
Me - Pam, 37 / DH, 37 ~ 1 due 4/2/11 - Yellow team!
mindy48875 responded:
Oh I wish I had advice but I"m right there with you momma! Only - I'm going on 4WEEKS!!!! Yes - 4 weeks of being completely miserable. I went to the dr. last week and all they said was that it was viral and to keep taking tylenol cold to help with symptoms. Well - I'm sure you know - it does not help! I have never had anything like this before - it is awful. Hopefully you find some relief soon and it doesn't drag on as long as mine has...
Me(28)DH(29),DS(3)unnecesarian,DS(2)VBAC! Baby 3 due 5/24/11-another vbac!!!!
sdadkin responded:
I was sick a few weeks ago and I found that sleeping with those Breathe Right strips on my nose helped a lot. It helped me sleep better because I could actually breathe! It was the first time I had ever used them and I was surprised that they worked. Not sure if they will help you at all but it might be worth a try! Hope you feel better soon!
Me (26) SO (26) DS (7/22/09) EDD (5/10/11) Blue Team!
heat4heather responded:
I had the same thing: a cold that just wouldn't quit! I was sick for a solid 3 weeks (thanks to our immune systems being less active during pregnancies).

I tried not to take anything, but also used the nose strips. They definitely helped me sleep at night! Sadly, the only advice I can give is lots of water and sleep. It just takes awhile to get over any cold while pregnant...
-- First baby due 5/10/2011 --
J3nnif3r8 responded:
I had the same thing and my doctor told me to take regular Sudafed, not cold and sinus, just regular. My cold was gone in four days.
jedmonds12 responded:
My OB also said regular Sudafed was totally fine. She stressed that it had to be the regular kind that has pseudoephedrine. I highly recommend it.

I'm a firm believer that as a pregnant woman, you can't get better without some kind of help (be it Sudafed or Breathe Right strips) because our immune systems are compromised. We've got to help them out a little!

I got sick in my 6th month and tried to beat it without using medicines and was sick for almost 6 weeks. I got sick again earlier this month and took Sudafed during the day and Tylenol PM at night and was better in a week.
Julie (27), DF (34). Our little boy is due 4/18/11!

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