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32 weeks pregnant! not sure if I lost my mucus plug or not???
kacymarc posted:
Upon using the restroom I noticed there was like a string of something slimey. It was gross to me! I am wondering if it was my plug. When I went to the doctor just a few days ago he told me that my cervis are still closed, hard but thinning. I know 32 weeks is to early to have a baby. But I am getting confused about this bloody show thing I never had any blood when I lost my plug with my other 2 kids. This pregnancy has been way different then the last two. I have also been having some contractions since this slimey thing appeared. What advice does anyone have for me.
jedmonds12 responded:
I would say TMI warning, but I figure you must know that if we're on this thread... :)

I've also had some discharge that's very mucus-like in texture. It was really slimy and thick, but mostly clear. My OB said it likely wasn't my plug and that discharge during pregnancy can be all sorts of textures and colors. Nothing to worry about unless it's green, brown, and/or stinky.

Also, even if it was part of your plug, it does not necessarily mean that you're going to have your baby soon. Sometimes a woman's cervix will open a little before she's full term; it doesn't mean she will go into labor. And, your body can re-grow that plug (which is something I learned recently) so even if you did lose a part of it, you're probably no closer to birth than any other 32-weeker.
Julie (27), DF (34). Our little boy is due 4/18/11!
DDK2005 responded:
When I lost my plug - I described it as a clear jelly glob - like one of those slimmy thing you throw on the wall & watch climb down - LOL! Sorry if TMI but that's what mine looked like & it was without a doubt the plug. I lost mine at least 2 weeks before i actually gave birth. If you're really concerned call the doctor & see if he can check you again. If it is your plug & you're starting early contractions he can do something about it. Good luck!
Me: Dee (36), DH: Ken (36), DD: 3/26/09 Ava, Baby 2: EDD 4/2/11. From NYC. Go YELLOW Team!
kacymarc replied to DDK2005's response:
Well I called the doctor and he said that since I was thinning at my last appointment it more then likely was my plug. They looked back through my chart from when I had my daughter and they said I lost my plug 4 weeks and 3 days before going into labor with her. So I should have plenty of time before this one comes. They said if my contractions become 5 minutes apart to go to the hospital. So now everyone is on call in the family. We all are getting excited about this baby since it is going to be my last one. I think 3 kids in 4 years is enough for me. I have other medical issues as well that can not be treated while I am pregnant. Thank you all for your responses.

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