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sdadkin posted:
I just feel like venting today. I think the policies regarding L.O.A. and time off are ridiculous! First off, by law they have to give you 6 weeks off for maternity leave. But here at my work you don't get paid for the first 2 weeks (you have to use your sick time/personal time/vacation time) and what you do get paid if you have short term disability is only 60% based on what hours you averaged in the last 6 months. Plus you still have to pay your insurance each month on top of that.

There are so many things that are unfair about this policy. I mean, I have had to take off work so much in the last 6 months for doctor appointments and such. Plus, starting next week I am cutting my hours way back because I don't want to go into early labor like last time. And 60% of your pay is not enough. I don't have a lot of sick time or personal time left because I used it all with my last maternity leave and didn't accumulate that much this year. I am having to save back my tax money from this year so I can have money to live on. I was going to use the money to get a bigger car :(

They have to give you 6 weeks off, but you can take up to 12 (and only get paid for 4 weeks). I have to take the 12 weeks off because there's not a spot in daycare til August when two of the kids are going to school. And if I do happen to go into labor early I don't know what I am going to do. My MIL can babysit in August (they own a restaurant and she has every other month off), but if he's early what am I going to do if my leave is up before then? They only have to hold your position legally for 12 weeks. I might still have a job, but it wouldn't be the one that I actually love. Ugh. It's so frustrating thinking about it.

Sorry this is so long, but I feel better just venting to someone about it. I wish I lived in Canada. They get a whole year off for maternity leave!
Me (26) SO (26) DS (7/22/09) EDD (5/10/11) Blue Team!
wmatto83 responded:
I absolutely I agree with you vent!!! I work for a family business and I dont get paid at all. I have to use my vacation/sick hours. Which are 96 hrs. Well they dont pay much for taking 6 weeks off! I think it is ridiculous...I think it should be mandatory to get paid for maternity leave. The general public complains that parents dont spend enough time with their children well how are we suppose to when we have to go back to work cause we dont get paid for maternity leave. urgh!!! It is seems like every other country has good policies when it comes to maternity leave except for ours?? Go figure! I know Europe has a similar setup as Canada in some of their countries.
jedmonds12 responded:
I hear you. The U.S. has its priorities so backwards it's not even funny. Really, the mandate is 12 weeks of leave but they're not required to pay you for any of it, just hold your job. That stinks. For such an "advanced" country, we sure do some stupid things. Cutting healthcare and education funding, for example.

In Sweden, BOTH parents are entitled to 16 MONTHS of PAID leave after the birth of a child. I'm Swedish/Norwegian by blood, and I kinda wish my ancestors had stayed there! ;)

Want to get even angrier a the U.S.? Read this article and compare all of the other "advanced, industrialized" countries in the world to ours.

My employer offers 8 weeks of Short Term Disability payments for maternity leave. It doesn't kick in until the 2nd week, so for the first week I have to use my sick/vacation hours, and then the STD payments are 60% of my regular pay (up to $400/wk). All my pre-tax deductions are suspended while I'm out, and they double up when I come back to work. I'm glad that I'll be bringing in SOME money, but I'm the breadwinner in our house, and it's going to suck having a reduced income. I had to save a lot of my tax refund to make sure we'd get through my leave OK.
Julie (27), DF (34). Our little boy is due 4/18/11!
hisangelface responded:
I feel so sorry for all of you Americans when it comes to this topic. it seems like such a shame to have so little time with your babies.

I live in Canada and am so happy our government got this one right. When I was pregnant with the boys, I was pulled from regular job duties at 24 weeks and had office duties until I was 28 weeks. As of 28 weeks I was on short term disability. I had STD at work so I was paid 100% of my salary until the day the boys were born (the government would have covered this at 55% had I not STD at work). Then, I had a 1 year paid maternity leave (some of it at 75% and some at 55%). My husband also got 5 weeks at 75%. I did not want to go back, so I took the extra 20 weeks unpaid where my employer had to hold my position. After that I chose to not go back to work.

Now with this new LO, my DH could take off his 5 weeks paternity and another 25 weeks of parental leave under our laws. He is unable to do that due to his job, but legally he has the right to it since I cannot take it due to being a SAHM.

I guess no one can have it all. Our high taxes are allowing us Moms to be home with our new future tax payers! I hope you can all find a way to get enough time off with your new bundles of joy...
Me (33) and DH (33). We have wonderful twin boys born May 2008 and are expecting our 3rd son. My EDD is June 13th, 2011. Go BLUE team!
An_216798 replied to hisangelface's response:
It sucks to be in a fully privately owned health care system.
nickeya77 responded:
I can totally feel your pain. My job does not offer maternity leave at all. You have to use all your PTO time and then when you run out of that you don't get paid at all. It is very difficult to accumilate time off when you are pregnant. I mean there are doctors appointments that start at once a month and end up being once a week. Then you have sonogram appointments and god forbid you have any issues that require you to be in bed rest for a few days, see a specialist or have amnio or you have to do the 3 hour glucose test (all things I had to endure). Fortunately I have Aflec that will end up covering the majority of my time from work since I don't have alot of PTO. It was suggested by my bosses that I work from home, but I will have to see how that goes with the whole having an infant and all. I think the government did a good thing when they came up with FMLA allowing us to be home 12 weeks with our babies but it would be nice if they could force our employers to still pay us.
phoenix31674 replied to hisangelface's response:
You hit exactly upon it. For those in the US wanting the perks you get in the European countries or Australia, you need to keep in mind the tax burden is much higher. In addition to personal income tax in the 30-40% range, there is a value added tax of 15-20% in all these countries and things like petrol run from $8-10 a gallon. If we want the same benefits in the US, we need to be willing to own up and pay the taxes for them. as it is, roughly 50% of americans have no tax burden and something like 30% get back more money in their income tax return than they paid in taxes. Our current system is not sustainable.

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