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Gestational Diabetes
shoxy posted:
I was just diagnosed w/gestational diabetes and was wondering if those who have it or have had it could tell me about some easy snacks to eat. I haven't had my meeting w/the dietician yet so I'm really just starting to learn about it. I'm finding it really hard to be full since my body was so use to carbs.

Thankyou!! :)
me-29, DH-30, EDD-6/11/11, PINK team!
maryjade2008 responded:
Sorry to hear about the gestational diabetes, I failed the 1 hour, but passed the 3 hour. I'm still wayyyyy excited to find out if we actually have our LO's on the same day. Let us know how everything goes.
lestersgirls responded:
When you meet with the dietician, they should give you lots of information about what you can and can't eat. The portion size is the worst part, but I think you'll be surprised at how many different foods you can eat. My dietician told me to add a lot of fiber in my diet because it helps to keep your blood sugar levels down. I am diabetic and I've been pregnant 4 times. It's not that bad and it's easier to focus on what you eat when you realize it will help your baby.
One of my best snacks was sugar free jello topped with sugar free cool whip.
Good luck!
Steffanie (37),Lester (30), DD1 (8-14-03), DD2 (4-12-05), Angel Baby @6 weeks (6-17-08),PAL Grad Kellan Lester (9-16-10)!
shoxy replied to lestersgirls's response:
maryjade2008- Me too! My baby already tried escaping early but has sence been behaving so who knows. :)

lestergirls- thankyou for the tip! I have my appt tomarrow at 9am. Very excited to learn what I can eat and hoping a little peanut butter is allowed in there...I mean the Jiff kind, not the 100%peanuts. lol. I fear I already know the answere but it's ok, my baby is worth the effort.
me-29, DH-30, EDD-6/11/11, PINK team!
carolinasu8 replied to shoxy's response:
Girl if you want peanut butter you'll be in heaven! I have pb toast for breakfast every morning and a pb sandwich for lunch almost every day! I feel like my boy will come out covered in the stuff. The key is getting enough protein with your carbs. For example my breakfast every morning is a piece of peanut butter toast, an egg, a hunk of cheese and a cup of milk. Sometimes if I have bacon made I'll add a few strips of that too. If your blood sugar is too high walk for ten minutes and that'll drop it immediately. Also, cinnamon and balsamic are great for regulating blood pressure. I can snack on bread with balsamic and olive oil and be fine. I love love love the Emerald cinnamon almonds. But make sure you're getting enough carbs too, I got scolded for having a grilled chicken salad and not eating the bread that came with it : ) If only I'd known!! It's really not that bad and the end result is a beautiful healthy baby so it's all worth it!!
lestersgirls replied to shoxy's response:
I absolutely LOVE peanut butter and was so happy because I could still eat it! I'm with carolinasu8---I had peanut butter toast almost everyday and half a peanut butter sandwich before I went to bed almost every night!
Steffanie (37),Lester (30), DD1 (8-14-03), DD2 (4-12-05), Angel Baby @6 weeks (6-17-08),PAL Grad Kellan Lester (9-16-10)!
shoxy replied to lestersgirls's response:
I had an appointment w/my midwife today and she too said my Jiff is perfectly fine. I could cry from happyness right now! LOL. I feel a bit silly to be so excited about it but when you can't have and love coffee, sushi, or a glass of wine, taking my peanut butter away would just be mean. hahaha. I'm thinking the toast w/peanut butter in the am sounds pretty amazing to me!!

Thankyou for your replys! :)
me-29, DH-30, EDD-6/11/11, PINK team!
carolinasu8 replied to shoxy's response:
Oh I know how you feel about the sushi coffee and wine!! I miss all three of those. And of course now that I can't have it I've been craving doughnuts, Chick Fil A, corndogs and fries. Yum!! Oh well, like I said it's worth it.

They did tell you Gestational Diabetes is not your fault right?! My consultant said that a lot of the time they forgot to tell mom's that and the mom's go around thinking they did something wrong when they didn't. It's 100% hormonal, it's not what you ate before. That made me feel sooooo much better : )

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