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Almost there! Welcome to your third trimester and your community!

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What's Your Maternity Style?
Andie_WebMD_Staff posted:
Now that your in 3rd Trimester, and you're past the "I just look bloated" feeling to the "Officially Pregnant" do you flaunt your new baby bump?

Or do you?

Some pregnant women like to be more discreet with their bodies, and others dress to show off their growing baby bellies. I was always the loose fitting, comfortable but cute, type of girl. What about you?

Do you look for clothes that will disguise your belly or flaunt it? Or is simple comfort your motto? :)


rangerchick responded:
I go for comfort and no matter what I wear there is no hiding this large belly sticking out in front of me.
Andie_WebMD_Staff replied to rangerchick's response:
Hahaha! Agreed, Rangerchick! I guess if I was thin other than my baby belly I might wear something like the white dress above...but that is just not feasible for me. :)
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alb7585 responded:
I am ALL belly this pregnancy. There is no hiding it and at 36 weeks there is no hiding it and most of my clothes don't even cover it all and I just don't care anymore. If there is skin ... deal :-)
Averysmomma0106 responded:
I am also all belly this time around so I show it off a little more than I did last time. Cute jeans and a form-fitting shirt is my favorite outfit right now. I also love sun dresses that are fitted around the bust and flowy.
wmatto83 responded:
I am all about comfort if I could be in my PJs everyday I would be! However I didn't go crazy buying Maternity tops so some of my old tops (I always bought things a bit big) I fit into but it really shows my belly. It is such a relief at night to get into my PJs.
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J3nnif3r8 responded:
I love cute maternity jeans and an empire waist top or leggings with an empire waist dress. The dress is more comfortable, but both make me feel like I still have a waist under all of my belly.
jedmonds12 responded:
My favorite is maternity jeans with a cute semi-fitted top. I don't usually go for the empire waist because I feel like it hides my bump and makes me feel like I'm wearing a tent.

I fit into my pre-pg shirts well into my 3rd tri, and some still fit, here in my 39th week! The maternity tops I have are looser and comfy, but I tend to wear them more at home and put on something a little more fitted when I go out.

I've also been living in flip flops for the last 2 weeks, even though it rains here (gotta love Washington!) almost daily. I bucked up, got a pedicure, and started wearing sandals because my normal shoes got so uncomfy. Darn swollen feet!
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carolinasu8 replied to jedmonds12's response:
At home I definitely go for comfort, at work I go for professional comfort - thank goodness for "handmedowns" from my step-sister!! On the weekends though I usually opt for my skinny capris (they make me feel a little stylish), a tank and some kind of not tight but fitted top. With it starting to get warmer I've been looking for more summery dresses to wear but I don't want to spend a lot on them - especially since I'm already 37 weeks!

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