Irrational fears....
carolinasu8 posted:
...I know I have plenty. For instance, everytime I'm on the toilet I'm scared my baby will just fall out - especailly if I'm doing number 2 : ) I know that's crazy - my husband tells me to just keep flushing so the baby will fall into a clean toilet - he's obviously messing with me. But what irrational fears do y'all have?
alb7585 responded:
That I will forget about new baby and be overly focused on DS. I am totally worried about the change in my relationship with DS so it scares me. But I had a dream I left baby in the car and took DS in teh house and then DF got home and asked me where she was and I left her in the car :-(
wmatto83 responded:
I have the one about the toliet too! LOL! My other one is Shaken Baby!!! I don't know about the rest of you and your doctors and hospitals but our hospital freaking terrifies you to the point where I am afraid to pick up my baby wrong or rock him wrong, etc. in fear his Brain will turn to jello! AAHHH!!!
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carolinasu8 responded:
This is my first but I'm sure I'll have the fear of neglect with the 2nd!!!

I'm so glad someone else has the toilet fear!!! I feel so silly for it.

I haven't heard anything about shaking yet but knowing myself I'll be so dang careful with him shaking/holding him weirdly won't even cross my mind!!! Although I do worry about bumps in the road shaking him in the womb!
shoxy responded:
I also think about the bumps in the road shaking her. The other day we hit a few and she elbowed me hard. lol. But my biggest fear is that she will come out a boy now that I have almost finished painting her room along w/a mural and bought all these interchangable hair bows and headbands and clothes.
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carolinasu8 replied to shoxy's response:
HAHA I know my mom has apparently bought something that is extremely boy-specific and she keeps saying, "he's definitely a boy right?!" I can tell by your belly in your avatar picture that it's a girl though!
Supergurl17 replied to shoxy's response:
I have the same fear, I have had 2 ultrasounds saying it's a girl but I keep thinking she'll come out a boy just cause the nursery is pink now and we have all this girl stuff, hopefully my 3D ultrasound on Tuesday will put those fears to rest. :)
katiecutie replied to shoxy's response:
I'm afraid of my baby being born with a penis!
And the worst part about this fear is that he's a boy! In the ultrasound it looked huge!! (the tech zoomed in obviously, but STILL). I told my husband that I hope its really really small and he got offended, asking me if I wanted our kid to have low self esteem or something... LOL. I told him its aloud to grow after I officially never have to see it again.
carolinasu8 replied to katiecutie's response:
HAHAHA Katie that is HILARIOUS!!!! That's a typical male reaction huh?! I'm worried about the penis too, but that I'm going to get it infected after the circumcision!