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so uncomfortable =(
mmmstar8806 posted:
i'm almost 30 weeks...and my hip/back pain is terrible. my stomach muscles also are KILLING me, but i know that's because LO is getting bigger, and the amniotic fluid is at its max. it's to the point where i have to lay in bed all the time when i'm not doing something. i can't pick up my DS, sit or lay anywhere else. i'm also constantly tired. i feel so terrible, because i'm basically not doing anything i need to be doing. i stretch every night, but it doesn't seem to help at all. my next appt is wednesday, but i'm not sure i can wait that long to see what my ob says (and i have someone else for the next 2 visits because my regular ob had twins)

anyone have any advice as for what i could possibly try next? i'm all ears. (or eyes really)
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carolinasu8 responded:
I know you say laying down works best but have you tried walking? Whenever I start to feel really crappy I just pace my house like a crazy person ; ) But it helps me. I also try working my stomach muscles a little by pushing out and sucking in. That seems to help relieve some of the pressure. It's also helped for me to sit in a chair, I use my glider, with a thick pillow behind my back so it arches. I think the biggest thing is that your muscles are stretching so much that it's good to get them working and a little "warm" so they can do what they have to do. Laying down my feel good at the time but it might be making things worse. I'm no expert, just my thoughts/experiences. Hang in there!!
chaquita1230 responded:
Go get a massage. I have my girl rub out my hips and lower back, and it makes all the difference. It buys me a good week of feeling better. i have so much pain in my hips and by the end of the week i am back to needing to get up a few times a night, but getting a massage has been a god send. i don't know how women go all 40 weeks w/o one especially at the end. HTH
heat4heather responded:
Although it is tempting to do nothing while in pain, getting some exercise helps a lot. I consistently have been going to the gym and getting some time on the elliptical, and I really try to get my hips moving. It feels really nice to move those joints.

Prenatal yoga also feels really good to relieve some pain, and is very relaxing.

Do you have a pool nearby? Being weightless while swimming feels great!

One more easy one: if you have an inflatable yoga ball, sit on it and move your hips side to side as far as you can; it feels fantastic.
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