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    Before labor started...
    carolinasu8 posted:
    For those of you who aren't a newbie like me : ) did you have any symptoms before you went into labor? Maybe a couple of days before the day of? Just wondering what to look for, if anything. I'm 38 weeks today and I've been feeling a little crampy, it comes and goes, and he just feels like he's really uncomfortable down there. His movements are so different than they were. Also, I've been having a little bit of nausea and diarrhea that comes and goes. At my visit this past Wednesday the doc said my cervix was thinning but that was all he said. Just curious if anything I'm feeling could mean it's happening in the next few days or so. Thanks!!
    sdadkin responded:
    Every labor is different and unpredictable. But the symptoms you are describing sound a lot like pre-labor signs. I am 37w3d (with my second pregnancy) and I have been having some of the same symptoms. The cramps that feel like what you have with your period, frequent bowel movements, and baby moving a little less than normal. With my first labor my water broke before I was having any contractions and they had to give me Pitocin. The Pitocin made me cramp really bad. So I think that's what the contractions feel like. I know that contractions are supposed to start in your back and work their way around to your front. So I guess it could still only be Braxton Hicks, but to me it still early labor. Good luck!
    Me (26) SO (26) DS (7/22/09) EDD (5/10/11) Blue Team!
    heat4heather replied to sdadkin's response:
    Same symptoms here! Maybe we'll all go into labor around the same time :)
    Heather (29) Jason (31) Nugget (due 5/10/2011) Team Yellow!
    carolinasu8 replied to heat4heather's response:
    Haha wouldn't that be fun! Hopefully we're not all going to the same hospital - I need to get my hands on that anesthesiologist!!

    Everyone keeps thinking I'm going this weekend, my boss is making me leave my keys just in case : ) We'll see! I just wish I knew exactly what to look out for! They tell you you're water breaking or contractions but I've heard from so many that their water didn't break and that they didn't realize they were having contractions!!!

    One lady at work told me that with all of her children and all of her dil's children they went into a nesting-frenzy that day and then labor that night. I've heard that from another co-worker as well. If I get home tonight and just can't stop myself from cleaning they may be onto something!
    Supergurl17 responded:
    I'm on my first too but from what I've learned in my birthing class those are all signs of early labor and you should be expecting contractions soon, if that's not what the cramping is already :) Good luck to you!

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