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Feeling different today
chaquita1230 posted:
I am feeling very different today. I have a ton of pressure down there, I just don't feel right. I thought maybe my sugar was low but it isn't, i just feel off. I napped but that didn't help. I have had a few contractions but nothing regular. Not sure what to think of all this, my first two had to be induced, this one seems to maybe be coming on her own.
GigglingSoul responded:
How far along are you?

I've been feeling off today too, but I'm still only 32 weeks (though they think I'm 34 weeks based on baby size and positioning)... but I felt so weird today that I went ahead and packed my hospital bag, sorted baby clothes and started to get things ready... like an emotional gut feeling that something is going to happen soon...

I'm on bedrest, so maybe I'm just antsy... I dunno...

Anyway, I'm right there with you! The pressure, contractions, general "not feeling right"... check your blood pressure too, and keep an eye out for swelling.

Kimberly(28), DH(38), DD(3), DD(EDD 06.19.11) Gestational Hypertension, Thyroid issues, Bed Rest @ 30wks
zabroza86 replied to GigglingSoul's response:
Something must be going around because yesterday I felt different too. I had several pressure down below and even getting out of my chair caused me pain. I figured it was that I had to go pee and hopefully that would relieve pressure but nope still had the pressure. My LO is low, head down, but I'm only 33 weeks so I'm sure its just him making himself more comfortable down below. *shrugs* However, today I feel a little bit better, so maybe it was nothing. =\
carolinasu8 responded:
Feeling different myself. Of course, for the past week I've been feeling like it's going to happen that night and it hasn't. I wish I knew what to expect, this is my first, so I knew what I was feeling. I keep getting these random pains right in between my belly and down there. They aren't consistent and they're sharp and short. I just need him to hold on until Thursday when my sister gets here!!

Keep us posted - sounds like you're getting close : )
GigglingSoul replied to zabroza86's response:
Ugh, I started out the day deep cleaning the kitchen. Bed Rest Nesting = FRUSTRATION! lol

I plan hitting up the room that is to be the nursery (currently it's my office) and clearing out the dresser in there so I can get baby's clothes set up... and setting up the pack'n'play/bassinet, clearing out the clutter ... We STILL haven't done anything with the nursery. It's the "hide that away in the office so I don't have to see it" room. Storage.

Don't worry, bp machine in tow, I haven't hit higher than 140/82 all day.

I swear, it's the NOT being ready that's getting my bp up. Doing all of these things puts me at ease.

Am I crazy??
Kimberly(28), DH(38), DD(3), DD(EDD 06.19.11) Gestational Hypertension, Thyroid issues, Bed Rest @ 30wks
carolinasu8 replied to GigglingSoul's response:
Heck no you're not crazy!!!! You wouldn't believe how much better it feels once you get the room done. It was like a tremendous weight had been lifted off of me. There's just something about accomplishing things and being ready. My bp was a little high at first and the more I got done around the house for him the better it got. If it's not getting too high while working on that stuff then go for it!

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