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Placenta Close To Cervix??
hisxforeverx61408 posted:
So, today I had an ultrasound. I am 28 weeks & 2 days along. The ultrasound tech said that on my last ultrasound [18 weeks> there was a note left to check my placenta on the next ultrasound [which would be today>. I asked the ultrasound tech at my 18 week if everything was fine & she had told me yes. I have had 3 OB appointments since then & my OB also told me that everything was fine. But, I don't understand why the ultrasound tech said told me today & I wasn't told 10 weeks ago. The ultrasound tech today said that my placenta is still close to my cervix. She said that next Thursday when I have my next OB app. that he will schedule to have a vaginal ultrasound within 2-3 weeks to check on my placenta & cervix. But, as of today, I still have it.

Sorry about rambling on & on. I was wondering if any of you ladies had experienced that this far along. & I was also wondering, what does placenta close to cervix mean?
mindy48875 responded:
The are probably keeping an eye on it b/c I believe that if your placenta covers your cervix they will have to schedule a c-section for you. I don't think you are able to deliver vaginally if it is covering your cervix. But I'd definitely be asking your dr. these questions. They should be keeping you informed as to what is going on - I can't believe they haven't been.
Me(28)DH(29),DS(3)unnecesarian,DS(2)VBAC! Baby 3 due 5/24/11-another vbac!!!!
Rubysrred responded:
I don't think you need to be too worried about it. But I know that if the placenta is too close you can't deliver vaginally b/c you could bleed badly. I believe that if it is above the cervix that is called Placenta Previa. I do know that the placenta can move throughout the pregnancy so that is probably what they are watching. If your doctor isn't worried I think you shouldn't worry! Good luck and keep us posted!!!!
Me (28), DH (28), DS1 (10), DS2 (7) and LO EDD 5/24/2011! It's a Girl!!!
reb_hun replied to mindy48875's response:
with my first child, they didn't really keep me informed either. the further along i got, the further up my placenta went and i was able to deliver naturally. good luck
hisxforeverx61408 responded:
Thanks ladies. Yeah, I know that usually the placenta moves up as the uterus expands. but, the ultrasound tech told me that usually when it's this late in the pregnancy then it probably won't fix itself.

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