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(TMI) ...The funny thing about mucus plugs
GigglingSoul posted:
So... DH and I DTD the yesterday and this morning, let me just say: mucus plug city! It was HUGE and had a deep brown color to it. It was so big it literally scared me for a minute because I thought I'd already lost it! Before, it was just white, about the size of a marble. This morning it was multicolored (white, clear and deep drown) and about as much mucus that could fit into a ping pong ball. OMGosh.

So- to all of those ladies that dont *know* if you've lost your mucus plug, I HTH. Apparently I'd been losing bits at a time, but today was the big shabang, the final hoorah, the big lebowski.

(LOL Sorry this post is extra TMI!) Wanted to share for those ladies who are in the "Was it? Was it not?" stage of the "mucus plug identification and excitement" phase of pregnancy/labor. ;)
Kimberly(28), DH(38), DD(3), DD(EDD 06.19.11)
Gestational Hypertension, Thyroid issues, Bed Rest @ 30wks
wmatto83 responded:
LOL Actually I appreciate this post cause I am due two days ahead of you and wondering what the heck I should be looking for. Everytime I go to the bathroom I am looking for it. LOL Now I know what it looks like!
Me (28) DH (38) Fury sons Brittanys (both 4) EDD 6/17/2011 BLUE TEAM!!!
mindy48875 responded:
Yup! Definitely sounds like the plug! With my last 2 pregnancies I lost mine an then started labor about an hour later. I was never one to lose it and have it regenerate itself.
Me(28)DH(29),DS(3)unnecesarian,DS(2)VBAC! Baby 3 due 5/24/11-another vbac!!!!
shoxy responded:
THANKYOU! lol. I have no clue what I'm looking for either but also check everytime I go to the bathroom for something weird to appear. :D
me-29, DH-30, EDD-6/11/11, PINK team!
MNAmy responded:
Yes!! When I lost mine with my first pregnancy, I freaked out. It was my entire palm and then some and ranging in colors from light yellow to almost greenish to bloody brown. It's WAY WAY BIGGER THAN I WAS EXPECTING. There was no mistaking it for anything else.
zabroza86 responded:
Very interesting and quite funny. Now I'm wondering if I should DTD in hopes of finding something ;-)
reb_hun responded:
see i know i should know what it looks like but i can't remember from last time. i had an appt earlier today and she checked me, and i just went to the bathroom and found a little bit of brown mucousy stuff. could this be part of my mucus plug or just from the check? any help would be great. :D
GigglingSoul replied to reb_hun's response:
It could be part of your plug- it's common for women to lose them after a pelvic exam or sex. :)
Kimberly(28), DH(38), DD(3), DD(EDD 06.19.11) Gestational Hypertension, Thyroid issues, Bed Rest @ 30wks

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