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Membrane sweep- 36w2days
GigglingSoul posted:
Baby is measuring 7.5lbs via u/s, cervix was 2cm and 90% effaced, sugar has been high (since I started monitoring it on Friday-- lowest it's been has been 109, fasting) and bp was 165/105 this morning. The dr swept my membranes.

I'm to do a 24 hour urine collection (again, 5th time) and they took more blood. THEN the nurse told me I was GBS positive.

Should he have done a membrane sweep then?! What is the likelihood that I will go into labor anytime soon? Do I need to worry with the sweep and positive GBS test?

Some light cramping, but nothing more. What should I expect?
Kimberly(28), DH(38), DD(3), DD(EDD 06.19.11)
Gestational Hypertension, Thyroid issues, Bed Rest @ 30wks
reb_hun responded:
i was told i was gbs positive and with that they said that when the contractions hit 7 mins apart or your water breaks that you need to go in. i don't know if you'll go into labor any time soon, i've heard of people going in a couple of hours, days and even weeks after that's been done. i haven't had it done myself so i just don't know sorry. if you're still not sure i'd talk to your dr. good luck and keep us posted!! hopefully i'll have a birth story soon to tell ya what's up. i'm gonna see if they'll do a membrane sweep for me tomorrow. i'll be 40 weeks on wednesday. :D i see a light at the end of the tunnel!! :P :P
Alleeson replied to reb_hun's response:
Did the sweep work?!?!
reb_hun replied to Alleeson's response:
was too chicken to ask :( but i think after that check i might have lost my mucous plug... not sure. anything change for you? i'm still preggo, one day overdue, i lost my light. now it seems like she's never gonna come!!!! ahhhhhhh
GigglingSoul replied to reb_hun's response:
The sweep hasn't worked for me, and I'm currently back in the hospital for observation. My BP was 186/102 at the office during my appt today, so they have me here overnight. Not even a contraction to record so far. The highest my BP has been is 149/115, but other than that, it's actually been pretty low- like 130/70. Who knows!! I'm so tired of the back and forth... They are doing a 24 hour urine; my initial sample when I came in was 1 protein--- anybody know if that means anything?

I DID lose my plug with brown and red blood two days ago and contracted for a few hours, but nothing since.... She's just not ready I guess!
Kimberly(28), DH(38), DD(3), DD(EDD 06.19.11) Gestational Hypertension, Thyroid issues, Bed Rest @ 30wks

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