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40 weeks and no baby yet!
amikrazy posted:
Seeing my doctor Tuesday to discuss how to get this baby out! Was wondering if I had options other than being induced with pitocin? I've heard alot of negative things about being induced. Is having a c-section an option I can discuss with my doctor?
wichelmana responded:
Honestly, I'd take induction over major surgery (c-sect), any day. This, coming from the woman who is scared to death of induction as well just because of the negative things I've heard about it...

I know that they have things like Cervadil, or other creams/pills that can help dilate you if your cervix is favorable.

Either way, I wish you luck and hope that baby comes soon and easily!
Amanda[22], DH[25], DD[19mo], 3 BFPs: Oct 3rd and 4th,2010; EDD: June 16th, 2011! Blue team! Tenth Appt. June 2nd
reb_hun responded:
i know exactly how you feel, i am going on 4 days overdue!! i am ready to get her out! i agree with wichelmana, i would definitely choose induction over a c section!! i don't want any extra pain then i have to have. i was induced with my first child two years ago with cervadil and it wasn't too bad but i think i was allergic to it... i have an appt on tuesday as well but i'm hoping i don't last that long. :) sending labor vibes your way!!!! :D
cmc2009 responded:
Ask your doctor to strip your membranes! My doc did this at my 39 week appt, and I went into labor the next day... HOWEVER, it is not a guarantee to start labor, but if done correctly labor should start naturally within 24 hrs! it takes 2 seconds during a vaginal exam.

Good luck!
JenJ325 responded:
Hi, I feel your pain!! I am going through the same thing. Ive been stuck at 3cm dilated and 75 effaced for about 3 weeks now.. Ive had contractions for weeks now,Got my membranes stripped at my last appt on wednesday, went into l&d thursday because I thought i was leaking fluids, they did a cervical check, nothing new there, they hooked me up to the monitor and I was having contractions so they made me walk the hallways to try and bring them closer together and intensify them, didnt work, then they did another cervical check, noticed my cervix was still back by my tailbone so the lady was literally tugging my cervix forward which didnt even budge.. And after all of that, all of the poking and prodding here I sit at home, pregnant as ever! And I am going about frickin crazy!! I am so over pregnancy. My doctor doesnt wanna let me get to 41 weeks so it looks like this wednesday, induction may be what Im looking at also.. I was induced with pitocin with my 1st child and honestly it wasnt really bad... but then again I cant compare it to going into labor on my own because I never have.. which I was hoping to do this time. But I just dont think its going to happen.. With being induced by pitocin I didnt immediately just start feeling all these horrible contractions right away,but the doctors started me off on a very low dose and slowly increased it over time... which I think made my induction not so bad and I had a very healthy delivery and baby.. So if that becomes the option you take or have to take, dont let all the horror stories scare you or get you too stressed out. Anything can happen during any type of delivery whether it be induction or going into it naturally. But I would definately ask to have my membranes stripped first to see if that may work for you.. At this next appt, I am going to have my doctor do it again in hopes this time it will work and I wont have to go and be induced by medication. Best of luck to you!! And sending labor vibes your way!!
amikrazy replied to JenJ325's response:
Just to let everyone know that I decided that for me personally a c-section was the best option. I'm a tiny person and to be induced would mean a long, hard labor. I delivered a healthy baby girl, June 1st, via c-section and I do not regret my decision. I'm actually very happy with the outcome and even though I did not deliver vaginally, I still had a wonderful birthing experience :) To each it's own, I guess!

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