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Meg77303 posted:
I need some advice..I went to the doctor today for my reg, weekly vist,I am 37 weeks and been having all kinds of pains thru out my whole pregnancy..Today I found out I have this GBS..My doctor has gave me a script to give to the nurse if I start going into labor and go to the hospital..It is for the med drip to start..But he is also worried that I might have preeclampsia.My legs,face,feet,neck and hands are so swelled up it hurts to walk..I go back next week and they are going to do a sono to check to make sure everything is good there...
jlenn responded:
Well, don't worry about GBS. It's really common, it doesn't really harm you. And it can come and go at any time, which is why they only screen for it towards the end of pregnancy. As long as you take the meds when you go into labor, there should be no issue for your baby (GBS is only a problem if you have it when you go into labor and you don't get any meds -- then it can be passed to the baby, and it can be dangerous for baby. But your meds will handle it).

Preeclampsia is a bigger issue. That can be dangerous for you and baby if it's ignored -- but, your OB is checking it all out. The good news is that at 37 weeks, you really are at term, so if the doc feels there is any danger at all to your baby, you can be induced now without worry.
reb_hun responded:
i just had my baby and i was gbs positive as well, my labor went by so fast that they forgot to/ ran out of time to run my meds for it. apparently they have new rules or whatever for if that happens, they now aren't too worried unless your water has been broken for 18 hours or more or you are under 37 weeks. they say unless your baby starts acting differently that there isn't anything to be worried about. she seems to be doing just fine, she was born on june 1st.

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