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Measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule... huh??
opsiedaisy posted:
Hi Ladies! I think this is only my 1st or 2nd time posting on here..
I'm 32 weeks with my first and my OB keeps saying that I'm measuring and she's growing at a rate of 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Around 27 weeks we had a little scare and when I went to the hospital (not the one I'm planing to deliver) they said it looked like I was 30 weeks then.. but my OB's (it's a practice) insisted at the time that according to my 1st sono that I was only 28.. yet now suddenly I am measuring and the baby is growing as the hospital stated. But they are still saying I'm at 32, not 34.. I'm confused.. I would think if I'm measuring at 34 weeks and she's growing at 34 weeks (she's already 6 lbs) then quite possibly I AM 34 weeks and they just screwed up in the begining. But they aren't admitting or even suggesting that -- instead they just say she in the 95th percentile; a big baby. Anybody else ever heard of this????
MSettle78 responded:
My babys measured 2 1/2-3 weeks ahead at all his apts after like 28 weeks. At my 3D/4D ultrasound at 29 weeks he was measuring 33 weeks. So today I am 36 weeks measuring 28 weeks my Drs have FINALLY ordered a growth scan in a week and we will get a real weight and measure on him. They rarely change your Due Date specially if the baby measured on time in the beginning .... Your babys just growing fast and big like mine lol They will prob do a ultrasound on your towards the end to see... Good luck Hope that helps
Marissa (22) Matt DH (23) Little Man due 07/11/11
rosecam responded:
The expected delivery dates are so rough anyway, that I think they just don't bother to change them. There is a wide range of how big babies are at this point. I would just make sure you're ready a little early just in case, and don't worry too much about the date on the calendar... That's what I'm trying to do!
MSettle78 replied to rosecam's response:
LOl *** OPPS I meant to write today I am 36 weeks prob measure about 38 not 28 PREGGO BRAIN
Marissa (22) Matt DH (23) Little Man due 07/11/11
opsiedaisy responded:
Thanks ladies... that helps a lot!
hisangelface responded:
I have been measuring at least 2 weeks ahead since my 20 week u/s. According to my very first u/s at 9 weeks, my EDD was marked for today. So, obviously it was far more of an accurate date than the measurements from the 20 week u/s since I'm still pregnant!

Babies grow at different rates when they get bigger. The measurements from the growth scans can be off by at least a pound so you can't go by that either. Just as long as your baby is healthy, that's all that matters. It's better for them to think you are not as far along as you might be rather than the opposite. You wouldn't want them pulling the baby too soon thinking you are further ahead than you actually are.

Good luck and I am sure everything is fine.
Me (33) and DH (33). We have wonderful twin boys born May 2008 and are expecting our 3rd son. My EDD is June 13th, 2011. Go BLUE team!
lancers_mommy responded:
Early u/s are definitely the most reliable as far as dates go. The farther along you get, the more inaccurate they get. As far as weight goes they can be off by /- 2lbs. For a little baby, that is a huge difference. And if you are measuring large on fundal height that can be due to positioning or fluid, too. Remember, that is only measuring 2cm different, which isn't a lot.

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