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Natural & Alternative Birth Plans
Andie_WebMD_Staff posted:
birth plan is not so much a "plan" as it is an ideal picture of what you would like to happen. Since no labor and delivery can be predicted or planned in advance, remember to be flexible.

If you're convinced you want to go with a "natural childbirth " (or non-medicated pain management), you might be considering things like focused breathing, massage, or imagery, all of which can reduce pain and help you feel a sense of control during labor.

Hypnobirthing is a mind-body technique which has been around for a while, but has been increasingly popular since being publicized by celebrity moms like Jessica Alba.

They say that nature intended for women to give birth relatively easily, but the fear of childbirth incites physical pain.

What do you think? Are you considering a non-medicated childbirth or using any alternative techniques to control labor pain? Share your experience or your questions with us!


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newmom8891 responded:
i am planning on having a natural childbirth without the use of medications... however the pain i am in now might change my mind when i am actually in the delivery room... lol however i have never heard of the hypnobirthing before... unfortunately i dont think the military hospital offers that...
busyyear responded:
I never heard of hypnobirthing but I think that is what happened when I gave birth to my son. I would like to get to "that place" again when I deliver baby #2 and I have been practicing the same mantra that I did before. We will see. I have been watching One Born Every Minute and I am noticing the nurses get very frustrated with people who are too rigid in their birth plan so I am trying to remain open and flexible...trying.
Me (28), DF (31), DS (3), EDD 8/29/11!
kell0613 replied to busyyear's response:
I'm calling mine "birthing preferances" and trying hard to remember that Drs and Nurses are trained and educated to do what they do, and that we all want the same result in the end- healthy baby and healthy mom!
I will certainly be asking questions and making my own decisions with DH, and not just blindly following whatever they say. But I think some people try to stick so hard to their plan, they end up going the other way entirely.
Me(26), DH(32), Baby 1- It's a Girl! EDD 9/12/11
MrsPiper responded:
I am planning an unmedicated delivery. This is baby #5 for me, and besides some stadol (or demerol?) with #2 all my births have been unmedicated. (I really disliked the effects of that pain med. and decided it was more a hindrance than a help.) I use a few basic breathing techniques to work thru contrax, but in all my labors transition has been really tough. At that point though I seem to go sort of "out of body" which is good. And that most intense phase goes very quickly. Last time it was really only a few contrax. This time, I am going to request my water not be broken. I have noticed my pain level increases dramatically when my dr. breaks my water. It may speed things up a little, but I think I'd rather possibly be in labor a little longer but be more comfortable in the process. Also, during transition it feels really good (and it's basically involuntary) to pick my hips up off the bed and rotate my pelvis. I think this might help the baby turn in the birth canal.
Allaya9 responded:
I have heard of hypnobirthing but don't think that is the right path for me. When it comes to pain especially cramping pain I am a complete wimp. My plan is to get an epidural and also to hopefully avoid the episitomy. I know plans change with each birth but I want to relax and not be in so much pain that I can't enjoy the birth of our son.
Me(36) DH(37) EDD 9/10/11 Blue Team! Our first! Lochlan Sidney

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