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Almost there! Welcome to your third trimester and your community!

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Poll; Days Left
hisxforeverx61408 posted:
Me(Crystal)-18 DF(Michael)-26 EDD:7/26/11 PINK TEAM!!

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How many days do you ladies have left until you can expect your LO??
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hisxforeverx61408 responded:
I have 12 days until I'm term & 33 days until my due date!! I can't wait.
Me(Crystal)-18 DF(Michael)-26 EDD:7/26/11 PINK TEAM!!
MSettle78 replied to hisxforeverx61408's response:
I'm already term :) And 17 days until DD but I dont think he will be here anylater than 39 weeks :)
Marissa (22) Matt DH (23) Little Man due 07/11/11
mrslee97658 responded:
21 days till term and 42 days until dd.
Me Ruth (27), DH (43), DS1(11), DD (8), DS2(5),DS3(4), number 5 and DS4 edd 8/4/11
Olivetre responded:
4 days til term but 25 days til EDD I think she may be here in the first week of July.
ashandchad responded:
28 days til term and 42 days til my c-section!
Me (26), DH (27), First Baby-Hadley Faith!!! C-Section August 4th
snh571 responded:
9 days till term and 24 days till my scheduled c-section.
marchbabee replied to mrslee97658's response:
Oh my gosh, I'm the same as you Ruth! Woah! When I look at those how small they've gotten :)
21 days till term, 42 until EDD
mmmstar8806 responded:
already term (11 days until EDD)...but just less than 5 days until little Mason Reed is here! =)
Me (23), DF (22), DS-Carter Egan (1), BFP 11/3, EDD 7/4/11 C-Section on 6/28!!! Blue Team-Mason Reed!!
hisxforeverx61408 responded:
oh my goodness ladies! we are all almost there. i can't wait to meet my little girl.
Me(Crystal)-18 DF(Michael)-26 EDD:7/26/11 PINK TEAM!!
kell0613 responded:
Well, my day count is a bit higher than all of yours, since I'm just starting the 3rd tri.
But I'm currently counting the number of work days I have left until maternity leave, and that magic number is 47! :)
I think I'm right around 81 days until DD - I haven't looked at the counter recently, because it seems like the more I look, the slower time goes!
Me(26), DH(32), Baby 1- It's a Girl! EDD 9/12/11
lenono97 responded:
I am just under a month until my EDD. My DD came right on her due date so I am hoping this baby does the same thing. But for some reason I think he may come earlier. The count down is on! For some reason, this last trimester seems harder then it did with my DD and I am ready to be done being pregnant.
mommyin2011 responded:
not sure how to calculte my term date....37 more days till DD!! of work on 7/2!!!
Me (29) DH (30) 3 fur babies - 1st baby: EDD: 7/31/11 - BLUE TEAM!!
mommyin2011 replied to mommyin2011's response:
opps...forgot the 'a' in calculate
Me (29) DH (30) 3 fur babies - 1st baby: EDD: 7/31/11 - BLUE TEAM!!
AJ__Sparrow replied to mommyin2011's response:
I have 25 days until I'm term, and 46 days until my EDD. Crazy...
Me, DH, DD (4/15/04), DS (1/29/08), and Number 3 (EDD 8/9/11. It's a girl!)

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