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Baby dropping
mommyin2011 posted:
Question about the baby dropping. Im preg. with my first baby and not sure he is dropping. it seems that my belly is getting a little lower.

my question is, when the baby does drop, is it a quick drop (for ex., one day your belly is high, the next its low) or gradually over time?

Thank you
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snh571 responded:
Everone is different, with my DS one day I was high the next I was lower.
lennyncrystal responded:
I'm shorter so when my two boys dropped I really couldnt tell because they took up all the room in regardless, however I felt like something big was stuck between my legs and got hemmorroids bad.
mmmstar8806 responded:
I'm really short also, and I didn't really ever notice a difference with my first. With this LO though, I cleaned one night a couple weeks ago, and BAM...huge amounts of pressure (I really think he's going to come out with a giant head). Low and behold, he had definitely dropped from the week before. Now...he's constantly causing pain from being so low (I don't think DS ever got this far down before labor), and still moving around. I don't get to complain about his head much longer, just the C-section pain...yuck. I think you'll probably know when he drops, you'll might be more hungry than you have been, breathe a little better, and notice more pressure down in your hips.
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ashandchad replied to mmmstar8806's response:
Good luck on your c-section today! Hope everything goes smoothly for you.
Me (26), DH (27), First Baby-Hadley Faith!!! C-Section August 4th

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