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Got a question
NoelleDawn posted:
My doc said it is ok for me to go into labor, he just can't help me for a few more weeks. I have been having off and on labor pains. I've tried walking, hot baths and nothing is working for me. I can go into labor but it stalls out on me and goes nowhere and I'm miserable. Is there any recomendations on how to get it going and keep it going?
jlenn responded:
I soooo sympathize with you -- I've been having contractions for the past week -- usually 3 or 4 in a row that are 10 minutes apart, then nothing for a couple of hours.

In addition to walking as much as possible, my midwife has suggested raspberry leaf tea and sex. (The sex advice my husband appreciates, but wow, I am so uncomfortable.) Other than that I don't have suggestions -- I've heard castor oil, but it works by making your digestive system miserable and overactive, and for me, I'd rather wait. :-)
NoelleDawn replied to jlenn's response:
I wont try castor oil due to I have enough problems with that part of me. Is the raspberry leaf tea the stuff you drink? Does it really work? I was also told to try primrose oil to soften the cervex. I gotta try something before I kill my cats, they follow me everywhere meowing at me nonstop. I cant even go to the restroom without one following me and he normally fears the bathroom due to getting baths once a month :) but none the less they are driving me crazy.
An_216880 replied to NoelleDawn's response:
Check out this website about the raspberry leaf tea. From there you can click on another link for other natural ways to induce labor. I don't think there's a whole lot of new info, but there are a lot of related articles. I'm 38 weeks and so ready to get the ball rolling too! =) Good luck!
An_216881 replied to An_216880's response:
Duh! Pregnancy brain big time!
missashley1010 replied to NoelleDawn's response:
lurking from 2nd tri.
I just have to giggle a little about your cats :) mine are the same way she puts her paws under the door if im in the bathroom for more than 2 min they are both redic!!! gotta love the fur babies :)
lovineveryminoflife replied to missashley1010's response:
i once read someone put the castor oil on the stomach and uterus area and that helped put them into labor, the skin absorbs alot so it might just work, and at least you wont have to deal with the awful digistive stuff if it doesnt:)
NoelleDawn replied to missashley1010's response:
Ya the fur babies are very attentive to me, I actually asked one of them what he planned on doing if he came into the bathroom and my water broke, he looked at me and meowed as if saying he would call for help. I did tell him not to speak to me till he can tell me when my water is going to break. lol :)
NoelleDawn replied to lovineveryminoflife's response:
Hmmm I will give this a try as long as I dont have to taste it.

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