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Pain during sex.. ASAP
KacyJ2008 posted:
Hi, i'm 35 weeks and 4 days pregnant.. and for the last few weeks sex has been almost unbareable and a couple of times i couldn't do it.. i just didn't know if this could be because i'm dilated some. My dr won't check me unless i'm having contractions so i have no idea if i am but i have a feeling i might be.. i have been cramping more lately and having lower back aches again.. and the nauseas started back.. what do yall think? any kind of input will help me out i don't want to say anything to my dr if its nothing.. thank you!!
hmrm1020 responded:
You very well could be having contractions or what they call back labor. I would tell your doctor anyway just for peace of mind!
KacyJ2008 replied to hmrm1020's response:
thank you so much.. this is my third baby and with my 2nd i actually went into preterm labor with her and i had the worst back labor.. but because i'm having a csection for some reason they said they aren't gonna check me but they did with my daughter.. i've already had 2 scares and went to the dr once and went to the hospital the other time i have contractions but the last time i wasn't dilated any so they sent me home.. sometimes the pain is only on my right side stomach and back but today its all my lower adbomen i'm feeling more pressure and my back hurts bad i took a warm bath and idk if it really helped any.. thank you!!

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