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I think I'm nesting...
AJ__Sparrow posted:
So I'm 39 weeks tomorrow, and had been thinking that the nesting instinct completely missed me this time around, since I've had so very little energy lately, even to do the things that I need to do all the time, like make dinner and wash the dishes. But yesterday morning I woke up with an intense desire to clean my house. I cleaned both my children's rooms, and then my own bedroom after they went to bed. It took me literally all day, and I only took breaks for meals. Today I am feeling a little less intense in my desire to clean, but am still looking forward to getting the kitchen and bathroom cleaned, and the living room if I have time.

This HAS to be nesting, right? My husband was amazed at my energy level yesterday. I was too, for that matter. Compared to the lump on the couch that I have been lately, running around accomplishing things was just great! My question, though, is if this actually means something. I looked it up online and it says that nesting can occur around the 5th month of pregnancy onward, so I guess there's a big range. My OB said that if I don't go into labor this week, she'll induce me, since she doesn't want me to go past my due date. So I really want to go into labor on my own this week. I have trouble believing it will happen, but my amazing urge to clean everything in sight yesterday did give me a bit of hope that something might be happening (I think I may have started losing my mucus plug yesterday too, which I almost didn't mention because ew, doesn't that sound nasty? But I looked that up and apparently there's a big range for that too...).

Anyone have experience on this? I don't remember having a big burst of cleaning before my first baby was born (although I did sort and re-sort her clothes over and over and over...), and my second one was induced a month early. I really want to deliver this week and avoid induction...
Me, DH, DD (4/15/04), DS (1/29/08), and Number 3 (EDD 8/9/11. It's a girl!)
Amy_n_Matt responded:
Sorry - I have no idea. I'm generally very interested in keeping things clean and organized, but I recently realized it's extended way more than usual and I'm only 31 weeks. I kept dismissing my husband as "joking" about nesting after beyond my normal cleaning, I overhauled the nursery (this is our 3rd, so we already had something ready), reorganized & scrubbed the basement, and began a project to clean & repaint our sunroom. It wasn't until I found myself scrubbing out the china hutch that I turned around to DH and literally yelped "I'm nesting!!" He thought it was funny.

But I hope for your sake that your recent burst of energy means it's just a day or two at most!!
earleyml1012 responded:
Very easily could be nesting.

I had a spurt last week and I'm only 28.5 weeks!!! I think it was b/c the weather finally wasn't killer and I needed to clean out the nursery room, so DH can start putting the crib together.
klynshoe responded:
I'm sorry but why does your doctor not want you to go past your due date? Typically doctors won't induce until you are TWO WEEKS past your due date as a healthy pregnancy is anywhere from 38 - 42 weeks. I would highly recommend you question this.
Amy_n_Matt replied to klynshoe's response:
Very true, but there are reasons they will say no to going 2 weeks longer. My doctors have actually said the same thing 'cause I historically have had large babies. Both my children were born a little more than a week *before* their due dates, and were 8.5 lbs and 9.5 lbs respectively anyway. It wasn't due to gestational diabetes or any other complication, it's just apparently the way my husband and I grow 'em. :D So . . . I've been told I will be closely monitored for how big I, therefore the baby, is getting as I get closer to my due date, and that if necessary, I will be induced by my due date, not 2 weeks after.

And since I know babies typically gain a lb per week at that point, I am completely okay with not trying to deliver a 13 lb infant!!!!!!
steckie98 replied to klynshoe's response:
Physicians around here will not let you go 2 weeks past your due date. One is the max. The longer the baby stays in past your due date, the higher the risk of complications.
AJ__Sparrow replied to klynshoe's response:
I don't really know why she said that she didn't want me to go past my due date, since she didn't say. But I expect it may have something to do with the fact that I have chronic hypertension, which has been closely monitored throughout my pregnancy. It's been under control and all NSTs and BPPs have come back great, but I expect she doesn't want me to go too long for that reason.
Me, DH, DD (4/15/04), DS (1/29/08), and Number 3 (EDD 8/9/11. It's a girl!)
missashley1010 responded:
I have a huge erge to nest but I dont wanna start im moving into my two bedroom apartment in 10 days!!!!! I wanna save all my energy for the new apartment and cleaning the old one! Oh man I cant wait till the 15th!

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