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Panic Attacks.
surfnbb0105 posted:
I need some advice ladies. The last few days Ive been dealing with what i can only describe as panic attacks,(feeling like I cant breath, weak muscles, heart racing, suddenly hot and sweaty). I feel like Im losing it and it takes me forever to calm down. Has anyone ever experienced this? Ive never had these before! And it didnt start until last week. Nothing in particular brings them on that I can think of. My Dh keeps asking if Im worried about something and of course to an extent I am but never to the point of feeling like my head is going to pop off. Any info,ideas,experience etc would be GREATLY appreciated!
Katya1985 responded:
If I am getting too hungry then I feel something what you described except the breathing and weak muscles part.Plus I get so angry and shaky. But after I eat everything just goes away. I always have snack with me to avoid that issue.
Me(26),husby(30) Our first son-Stanislav will be 3 and now expecting a girl Galina. EDD 09/02/2011
noelle1225 replied to Katya1985's response:
Is it possible it's just the natural breathlessness that occurs later in pg, but you are panicing a bit bc of the sensation of being short of breath and your heart racing a bit. I usually just sit down and put my feet up for a few taking some slow deep breaths and knowing it's a minor symptom and will pass keeps me calm even when my body doesn't feel particularly calm.
surfnbb0105 replied to noelle1225's response:
I would definitely think that were a possibility but the breathlessness isnt in the onslaught, its starts with the heart racing, weak muscles and sweating then lack of breath kicks in. Then I deal with it the rest of the day because Im exhausted from having one and worry about having another one at a more inopportune time. It is just miserable. I definitely feel like I should speak to my ob about this asap. But getting ahold of them is like pulling teeth!
busyyear replied to surfnbb0105's response:
What an icky feeling. I would suggest when it happens sit down, put your feet up, find something to focus on within your immediate line of sight (picture, a corner, something that doesn't move),and then attend to your breathing. Breath in slowly while counting to four and out slowly while counting to four. Talk to your doctor about this too! Just so they ate aware. Especially if you cannot calm yourself down. Good luck! This works for me but make it your own!!
Me (28), DF (31), DS (3), EDD 8/29/11!
missashley1010 responded:
Iv had panic attacks as long as I can remember. I know it can be freaky when your pregnant they are worse at least thats how it is with me. I usually just try to hide away if people are around and relax sit down breath slowly and try to focus on something that eases your mind. Listening to light music calms me down or jummping in a warm shower helps alot. HTH

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