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Sound Off! Sharing Maternity Clothes
Andie_WebMD_Staff posted:
Hi Mommas!

We'd like to get your point of view and give you a chance to sound off on some controversial topics, so each week we'll post a new thread and let you make the call!

This week, we're sounding off on loaning out or borrowing maternity clothes.

We all know how expensive it can be to buy a new wardrobe so it makes sense to find alternative ideas since we only wear them for a few months. Right?

But there's differing opinions on loaning/borrowing. My sister used to reluctantly loan me hers, but she would have preferred to pack them away to keep them in good shape for the next baby they might have. When I loaned my own clothes out, I never really cared if I got them back.

How do you feel about loaning or borrowing maternity clothes? Would you want them back? Have you ever had a mom refuse to loan you hers?

Share your thoughts!

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klyvers responded:
My friends have a "sharing circle". As each one of them got pregnant they passed on their finds to the next lucky contestant. When they found out I was expecting they were on my doorstep with two bins of clothes. I don't know what I would have done those first few months without their help. I have outgrown all of the pants now, but still wear the shirts. I have no qualms adding to the bin, especially because I know should I ever get pregnant again, the circle will come back around to me.
busyyear responded:
I am all about loaning the clothes out! Bought a few staples that I kept but I loaned out everything else and now that I am pregnant it all came back plus more.
Me (28), DF (31), DS (3), EDD 8/29/11!
earleyml1012 responded:
I'm hesitant b/c I've loaned stuff out before and never got it back or got it back in worse shape that I leant it out. However, I had a friend who was finished with kids give me two huge bags of clothes this pregnancy which was a huge help b/c I'm in a different season. Once I'm finished with something, I don't mind lending it or giving it away. It's just difficult for me to give stuff away that it's in good shape to sell b/c I paid a lot of money for the clothes, so I should be able to sell it to help pay for baby stuff. I'm very torn on this subject.
kell0613 responded:
Well, I've only been on the receiving end so far. My sisters-in-law both gave me a big bin of clothes, and I've only bought a couple of pieces and made do with what they gave me (I figured I'd rather spend money on baby stuff and cute stuff that I'll fit in after she arrives instead of just for a few months). One of them said up front that she didn't want any of it back. The other gave me a bunch of office clothes, but all the hems had ripped out, so I re-hemmed them. So they're definately going back in better condition
For me, I only "lend" things that I either don't care if I ever get back, or if they come back stained/ruined, I won't be upset. I figure anything (not just clothes) that I would be upset about I should probably not offer to lend. It has been a good rule of thumb for me.
Me(26), DH(32), Baby 1- It's a Girl! EDD 9/12/11
loyal1982 responded:
I've paid alot for some of my clothes and some I've picked up at a second hand store. My friends all vary in size most of them are size zeros or much larger than me. So the only person I will lend them out to will be my cousin if she gets pregnant cause were the same size and I know she would give them back if I needed them.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
When I was pregnant with my first, a former co-worker gave me a big bag of clothes and said I could do what I wanted with them because she was done having kids. I picked out what I wanted and passed the rest to my SIL who was pregnant at the same time.

Between pregnancies, I didn't really know anyone who was pregnant well enough to loan my clothes too.

After my second pregnancy, a co-worker got pregnant and I gave her the majority of my clothes. I'm petite (5'2") so not many people could wear my clothes but she was about the same size as me and was happy to get the clothes. Since I'm done having kids, I told her she could keep what she wanted and do whatever she wanted with the rest.
kshirley15 responded:
I guess maybe I don't have very good friends. I have been told by several that they'd let me use their maternity clothes but I'm yet to see a single article from anyone. So I'm kind of stuck buying all my own.

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