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How far along were you?
missashley1010 posted:
For all those who have already had children how far along were you with you FIRST born child?? Im a FTM and just thought it would be fun to see how far everyone was with there first babies, since I herd FTM's always go late. I feel like im going to go before my due date...just a gut feeling. 36 weeks today!!! I at least want him to cook another 2 weeks!
loonikans responded:
With my first, I went 11 days after my due date because my doctor induced me. Who knows how much longer I would have went? lol.
Me(23) Dh(24) Ds(2) Lil Boy Bump(9/26/11)
Anmar22 responded:
I was 10 past my due date, my doctor wouldn't induce me until then with my first. Hopefully this time I won't have to wait as long.
earleyml1012 responded:
I was only 4 days past my due date but it still felt like forever! I'm hoping I'll go a little early this time.
RanchMommy1533 responded:
I'm sorry to break the chain ladies, I went exactly two weeks early! Best New years present I could have asked for! For some reason, I don't think this baby is going to come early though
Emily 22, DH 21, Sarah 1 1/2, Charlotte due Oct 27th.
steckie98 responded:
I was induced on my due date due to low amniotic fluid. When they had checked me a few days earlier, I was not dilated at all.
ILOVEGAVIN responded:
I went at 38 weeks and 3 days with my first.
Amy_n_Matt responded:
I also went early - 10 days before my due date. So not everyone.
bcfrost816 replied to Amy_n_Matt's response:
I had my first baby exactly 1 week early and my second was induced 3 days late. I really don't know how anyone can say people always go late or go early, seems like its just a crap shoot to me, lol.
Courtney (28) DH (30) DD Peyton 12/20/08; new baby girl Hayley 9/29/10
Ihgirl1066 replied to bcfrost816's response:
I was 40w 4d, got induced after I, well my son, terribly failed his NST, and wouldnt move at all for 45 mins well i had an ultra sound done. I had next to no fluids left so they induced me at 40w 3d.
kd0erj replied to Ihgirl1066's response:
I haven't had mine yet, also a FTM. My ob said he'd induce me at 39 weeks if my cervix was cooporating, like effaced and partially dilated. Otherwise he said nature would take its course, no matter how big my baby got.
ffwife23Kt replied to kd0erj's response:
Lurking from Second Trimester-

I'll see you ladies in a week!! Yay!!!!

With my first my DS came 17 days early due to gestational hypertension. With this baby I think I will be early again because I have high blood pressure (again) and now protein in my urine.
(I am having to do additional monitoring to see if I have preeclampsia)

So if I can wait another 10 weeks I'll have her but it depends on what happens between now and then.

Katie 26, DH Brad 29, DS 22 months, DD on the way! 12/18/11
lbean1975 responded:
With my first I was about 7-10 days past my due date, had a slow leak didn't know it and eventually during a routine visit it was discovered and later that day was admitted to the hospital and induced. I am now 35 wks 4 days with my 2nd gotta a really good feeling I'm not gonna make it the full 40 wks. Well good luck to you!!
Me (36) BSD (27) DS (16) Team Blue EDD (10/15/11)

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